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        Old Afterpay Service

        This documentation describes Buckaroo's current Afterpay service. Starting from Q2 2019, the new Afterpay service will be launched. Merchants with a new AfterPay contract with Buckaroo (and only Buckaroo), not a contract with both Buckaroo and AfterPay, are required to implement the new service. If you are uncertain which situation applies to you or your customer, please contact your (customer's) account manager at Buckaroo for enquiry.


        AfterPay provides the option for customers to pay afterwards using a digital invoice or by direct debit. The concept includes a review of the customer before overtaking the financial part of the transaction by AfterPay. This way the merchant does not hold any financial risk when offering the product to the customer.

        Servicecodes and actions

        The Afterpay service uses the service codes afterpayacceptgiro (to pay by SEPA Direct debit) and afterpaydigiaccept (to pay by digital invoice).

        Both Afterpay services support the following actions: Pay, Refund, Authorize, Capture, CancelAuthorize (all channel "WEB" supported).

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