Anti-Fraud vs Shield

      Anti-Fraud vs Shield

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        Merchants who currently use the Anti-Fraud module will be automatically upgraded to Buckaroo Shield Basic. All existing Anti-Fraud checks, listed data and email settings will be migrated to Shield rules and lists. No additional configuration in the Buckaroo Plaza is required by the merchant.

        There are however 2 things to be aware of that are slightly new with Buckaroo Shield: email and push notifications.

        Email notifications


        Field that are notably different in the new email notification:

        • IsStartRecurring: indicates wether the transaction is a FIRST transaction of a recurring series
        • IsRecurring: indicates if the transaction is a recurring transaction
        • SubtentantId: this is the websitekey

        Per rule that has been hit, the following information is presented:

        • Name of rule/list that has been hit
        • Action that has been performed
        • Description of the rule's condition

        Push notifications (webhooks)

                "Name": "Shield",
                "Action": null,
                "Parameters": [
                    "Name": "Action",
                    "Value": "Refuse"
                    "Name": "Check",
                    "Value": "Fraudulous IBANs"
                    "Name": "Details",
                    "Value": "DataPoints.Iban = \"NL44RABO0123456789\""

        As mentioned in Notifications, the push notification will provide Shield data to inform of the Shield event:

        • The Action field indicates which action has been taken
        • The Check field displays the name of the rule or list
        • The Details field specifies the condition of the rule or list.

        Please consult your technical administrator to determine if an update in your backend is needed in order to correctly process the new webhooks.

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