Cancel Authorize

      Cancel Authorize

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        Bancontact CancelAuthorize request(e.g.):
        OriginalTransactionReference- Transaction key of the authorize that needs to be cancel authorize (Type: string, required: Yes)

        Please note that for a cancell authorize request you should use 'amountCredit' instead of 'AmountDebit' in order to cancell the authorized amount. Otherwise the system will throw an error with Code 491 'Validation failure'

            "Currency": "EUR",
            "AmountCredit": 0.02,
            "Invoice": "Bancontact CancelAuthorize 1683028819",
            "Description": "Bancontact CancelAuthorize",
            "ReturnUrl": "",
            "ReturnUrlCancel": "",
            "ReturnUrlError": "",
            "ReturnUrlReject": "",
            "PushUrl": "",
            "PushUrlFailure": "",
            "OriginalTransactionKey": "BCF6D7294BDB433387ED************",
            "Services": {
                "ServiceList": [
                        "Name": "bancontactmrcash",
                        "Action": "CancelAuthorize"

        Bancontact CancelAuthorize response(e.g.):

            "Key": "D94B13D3961448B3B53F************",
            "Status": {
                "Code": {
                    "Code": 190,
                    "Description": "Success"
                "SubCode": null,
                "DateTime": "2023-05-02T14:00:21"
            "RequiredAction": null,
            "Services": null,
            "CustomParameters": null,
            "AdditionalParameters": null,
            "RequestErrors": null,
            "Invoice": "Bancontact CancelAuthorize 1683028819",
            "ServiceCode": "bancontactmrcash",
            "IsTest": false,
            "Currency": "EUR",
            "AmountCredit": 0.02,
            "TransactionType": "I092",
            "MutationType": 3,
            "RelatedTransactions": null,
            "ConsumerMessage": null,
            "Order": null,
            "IssuingCountry": null,
            "StartRecurrent": false,
            "Recurring": false,
            "CustomerName": "Customer Unknown",
            "PayerHash": null,
            "PaymentKey": null

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