Debtor overview

      Debtor overview

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        In the Debtor Overview, debtor data can be reviewed and edited. This way, communications can be sent to the appropriate telephone number, address or email address. You can also obtain a complete overview of all the debtor’s invoices, including the invoice status.

        After selecting a specific invoice, you’ll be given the option to zoom in. Thus, the Merchant’s customer service can acquire a broader perspective on all the debtor’s invoice statuses. Each invoice is linked to a specific debtor by way of a debtor number. The Merchant links the debtor number to a specific debtor, meaning it is a reference that you devise yourself.


        If a receivable is the result of a service that has been provided, a document is created describing what this receivable consists of. This document is called an ‘invoice’. The invoice will list the details of the receivable and the payment obligation data.

        Which elements should an invoice include?

        • The amount of the receivable exclusive of VAT
        • The VAT amount of the receivable
        • The order and invoice number
        • The VAT number of the supplier
        • The KvK number of the supplier (KvK = Kamer van Koophandel/Chamber of Commerce)
        • The debtor number
        • The debtor data: often the name, address, place of residence

        Which invoice lines are used?

        • ProductId = product number
        • ProductName = product name
        • Quantity = quantity
        • PricePerUnit = price per unit
        • VatPercentage = VAT percentage
        • TotalVat = total VAT amount
        • TotalAmount = line amount total (including VAT)


        If you let Buckaroo take care of the sending and/or composing of the invoice, invoice lines can be added to the data mentioned above. Specific details of the invoice can be included in the message used for sending the invoice. These data are incorporated in the templates. It is also possible to attach a PDF to payment reminders. This PDF is the digital version of an invoice.

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