Automatic deposit

      Automatic deposit

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        Buckaroo offers the possibility to automatically deposit incoming credit transfers to the merchant. This concerns transfers which were not automatically matched to an open transaction or invoice, and which are already assigned to the merchant. This feature can be of use in particular for merchants that receive donations, as the incoming payments generally do not need to be matched to a specific order or invoice for them.

        When making use of this feature, the unmatched transfers will automatically be credited to the merchant account using a C001 – Transfer transaction. The invoice of the transaction will be formatted as follows:

        BCK_[ID], where [ID] will be filled with a Buckaroo-generated reference.

        In the description of the transaction you will find the information the payer provided during the transfer and which Buckaroo has received from the bank. It will be formatted as follows:

        [EndToEndId] | [RemittanceInformation]

        If either of these fields has no value, it will be filled with the text “NOTPROVIDED”.

        A push message will be sent for the created transaction, so that the merchant can register the payment in his own system if desirable.

        This feature only works if the merchant has his own account number through one of our IBAN solutions: collecting+, prolecting or the Buckaroo IBAN Solution. This way, we can be certain that incoming transfers actually belong to this specific merchant.

        To make use of this feature, a request can be sent to Please provide the merchant name as well as the website(key) which will be used when creating the transaction.

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