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        Welcome to the Buckaroo app for BigCommerce configuration page!
        Start accepting payments within minutes by connecting your Buckaroo Plaza account. Simplify payment processing today!

        The configuration steps are explained below, please follow the instructions.

        1. Sign in to your → BigCommerce Dashboard.

        2. Go to the → Buckaroo plugin at the Apps section in the main menu.

        3. On the → Buckaroo App Settings page, you'll find the basic configuration settings.
          Below each settings field there is a explanation where to find these credentials in the Buckaroo Plaza (login with your account).

        4. Select the transaction mode that you'll want to use in the app settings.

        The following information is required to connect the app to your Buckaroo account:

        1. Fill in the 'Website key':
          The merchant key can be found in the Buckaroo Plaza at → SettingsWebsites. Using the filter button at the top right, you can then switch between multiple websites (if multiple websites are linked within the Buckaroo account).
          Select the website to be linked here. Then in the tab → General you will find the key.

        2. Fill in the 'Secret key':
          Can be set in the Buckaroo Plaza at → SettingsSecret Key.
          Note: the secret key may only contain numbers and letters!

        3. Now click on the 'Save' button when the website key and secret key are filled in.

        4. To make sure that the credentials are filled in correctly, please click on the 'Test Connection' button.
          Sometimes a space is copied from the Buckaroo Plaza as well, and then the credentials will not match.

        How to enable payment methods?

        Please note:

        If you want to do a LIVE transaction, then please don't forget to set the general app settings also on the LIVE mode.

        1. If you want to do test or live transactions, then the payment methods needs to be enabled in the app as well.
          To do this, please go to → Payment methods in the main menu of the app.
          Then the configuration page with a overview of all payment methods will be displayed.

          You can easily set the mode of each payment method:

        image.png - The payment method will be disabled.
        image.png - When the payment method is set on TEST, it will be a test transaction.
        image.png- When the payment method is set to LIVE, then this will be a LIVE transaction.

        Additional configuration options for payment methods.

        1. For each payment method there are also some additional configuration options that can be set.
          Under each payment method you can click on → "Configure" to see these additional options.

        The changes you can make for example are changing the name fo the payment method (label) or setting a payment fee.
        Please note that some payment methods have more configuration options. For creditcards you can also select which credit card brands can be used.
        This needs to match your Buckaroo account subscriptions.

        Changing the order of the payment methods in the checkout.

        1. In the App's main menu you can also go to → " Order payment methods".
          Here you can change the order of the payment methods in the checkout. The order of payment methods can even be set differently for each country.