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        Billink is a post-payment method that allows both private and business customers to pay afterwards after receiving the product. After the goods/services have been dispatched, Billink will send the invoice with a payment term of 14 days. With Billink, Belgian private and business customers can also pay in Dutch web shops. Billink is particularly suitable for the settlement of lower purchase amounts.

        • In the Netherlands, consumers can pay standard purchases of € 0 - € 750
        • In Belgium, consumers can standard purchase from € 0 - € 250.
        • Business users, on the other hand, can pay amounts from € 0 - € 10,000 in both the Netherlands and Belgium

        The standard payout term for consumer purchases is 30 days, and 45 days for businesses, excluding Buckaroo's payout term. A shorter payment term can also be agreed for a higher fee.

        As soon as a customer chooses to pay with Billink's post-payment method, Billink performs a check. When the customer is declared creditworthy and the order is accepted, Billink guarantees the payment of this order.

        For the technical integration: See the Billink Integration Page

        • The contract and payment is made via Buckaroo
        • Fast automatic Merchant onboarding via API link with Billink
        • Interesting for customers who return a lot of products
        • Guaranteed payment
        • Instant confirmation of the transaction
        • The funding ratio in a growth phase
        • Not every consumer will be accepted on the basis of a check

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