Credit management

      Credit management

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        Buckaroo Credit Management manages your transactions and provides an automated follow-up on unpaid invoices. Payment reminders can be sent by email, text message or letter, which will be accompanied by an integrated payment button. Thus, customers can pay the outstanding amount directly using one of the payment methods offered by your company.


        Thanks to Buckaroo Credit Management, the debtor management will be fully automated. If necessary, invoices can be handed over to a debt collection agency. All incoming cash flows will be documented and explained within one transparant system. This offers payment convenience to customers, while it reduces risks and manual work for merchants. Credit Management can be fully customised with regard to design and flow.

        In the Buckaroo Payment Plaza, a distinction is made between an invoice and transactions. An invoice is a receivable with an accompanying invoice number, which is submitted by the Merchant. The Merchant also adds a date and a due date to the invoice, including a dunning schedule. This dunning schedule, which is stored in the Payment Plaza, states how many reminders and which type of reminders will be sent as long as the invoice remains unpaid.

        Each payment attempt will be documented as a transaction. This way, the Merchant can easily check whether the debtor’s payment attempt was successful or not. Transactions can be payment attempts made at the Merchant’s checkout (realtime payments) but also payments that were started by using a payment link or a Credit Management payment reminder.

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