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        Klarna is a popular payment solution, facilitating both the needs of consumers and Merchants in a smooth payment experience . Via Buckaroo Klarna is offered in 16 countries in the local currency and in the 3 main payment methods if applicable in the country. Also known as ‘One Klarna’,
        Pay Now – Pay directly when confirm the order
        Pay Later – Pay when the order is delivered as desired
        Pay Over Time – Split the payment over a period

        • An international solution
        • A guaranteed pay out for approved orders
        • Supports a reserve, pay and refunds
        • The Pay-out is independent of the consumers selected option and payment
        • Contract, payments, and Pay-out are handled directly between Buckaroo and the merchant
        • Disputes and chargebacks can be handled via the Klarna Dispute app
        • Invoices and in app communication can be branded

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