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        A Buckaroo account is required to do test or live transactions with the Buckaroo Shopware 5 plugin.
        Below you can find the configuration steps:

        1. Sign in to your Shopware 5 backend.
        2. Go to ConfigurationPlugin Manager in the top main menu.
        3. Make sure that you are now on the installed menu at the left.
        4. In the list with installed plugins, you'll see the Buckaroo plugin, make sure that it is active.
        5. Behind the Buckaroo plugin, click on the open button (it looks like a pencil Open logo).
        6. In the main configuration of the Buckaroo plugin you'll see a list with fields that you can configure. For the plugin to operate with your Buckaroo account, it is required to fill in the following fields:

        TIP:You can hover over the question mark logo behind the settings to see more information .

        7. Website key:
        The merchant key can be found in the Buckaroo Plaza at → SettingsWebsites.
        By using the filter button at the top right, you can then switch between multiple websites (if multiple websites are linked within the Buckaroo account).
        Select the website to be linked here. Then in the tab → General you will find the key.

        8. Secret key:
        The Secret key can be set in the Buckaroo Plaza at → SettingsSecret Key.
        Note: the secret key may only contain numbers and letters!

        9. Merchant ID (also known as a GUID)
        The GUID can be retrieved in the → Buckaroo Plaza.
        In the left main menu go to → My BuckarooGeneral.
        Here you'll see the GUID displayed which is a very long code with letters and numbers.

        10. If you have filled in the Website key, Secret key and Merchant ID/ GUID, then you can enable/disable the payment methods and configure them in test or live mode.

        11. In the same main plugin fields, you also see all the payment methods which you can configure for test or for live transactions.
        Please note: If you want to perform test transactions, then make sure that you have enabled the test functionality in your Buckaroo account as well, Click here for the instructions.

        12. For more configuration options regarding specific payment methods, go to → configurationpayment methods.
        Here you can enable/disable payment methods so they are visible in the checkout. Also the name of the payment method can be configured here, see the image below as example:


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