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      Include transaction

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        In order to start the subscription, a payment method or eMandates first has to be used. This enables automated payment with a recurring payment method later on. With the introduction of IncludeTransaction, it is now possible to create the first invoice on the day that the first payment was received, and to switch the payment status of the first invoice to ‘paid’ based on this payment. When the IncludeTransaction is changed to ‘True’, the Payment Engine will not only match the first invoice, but also the possible follow-up invoices with this first payment. For further information, go to CreateCombinedSubscription call in the development portal.

        By passing IncludeTransaction to the Create Combined Subscription, the amount of the first payment is deducted from the first invoice of the subscription. It is also possible that money remains after payment of the first invoice. The remaining amount is spread out the subsequent invoices, until the total amount has been used. An example:

        ActionAmountPaid with
        First Payment€110iDEAL
        First invoice€40External payment €40
        Second invoice€40External payment €40
        Third invoice€40External payment €30 + SEPA Direct Debit €10
        Fourth invoice€40SEPA Direct Debit €40

        Note :

        Refunds of amounts on invoices, paid with an external payment, consist of three steps:

        1. Credit note on the invoice of, for example, €10
        2. Refund of the external payment for €10 -> outstanding amount on the invoice is then €0.00
        3. Refund of the first transaction (iDEAL) for €10 -> with this the payer gets the money back

        Visibility on the PDF invoice

        When Buckaroo generates a PDF invoice, the Include Transaction is also processed on the PDF. on the right, the green marking shows that the already paid amount will be deducted from the amount on the invoice.

        If there is an outstanding amount, the reminders on the invoice will show the left over amount and not the amount of the invoice.

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