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        With the introduction of Buckaroo Subscription Services, Merchants can now start and cancel (recurring) subscription payments by sending one single message. The interaction between the systems of the Merchant, Buckaroo and the Acquirers is best represented in a drawing.

        • The yellow boxes below describe the Merchant actions
        • The green boxes below describe the Buckaroo processing
        • The blue boxes below describe the Acquirer interaction

        The Merchant can manage a subscription with three simple messages:

        1. Start: This includes the product and pricing plan
        2. Adjust: This includes the adjusted pricing plan
        3. Cancel: Cancel a subscription

        There are several ways to give feedback about the subscription status:

        • Push messages : The Merchant receives feedback about the status with each invoice
        • Invoices Overview
          Debtor Overview
          : In the Buckaroo Plaza, you’ll find an overview offering details about the invoice status
        • Invoices Overview
          Debtor Overview
          : In the Buckaroo Plaza, you’ll find an overview for each specific debtor, offering details about subscriptions and invoices


        Relevant questions about the Subscriptions environment

        Creating the Subscriptions environment raises three relevant questions:

          1. Which products do I offer? → Which is the smallest unit to be purchased?
          2. How do I want to organise the invoicing process? → What are the invoicing conditions?
          3. How can payment be made? → What are the payment details of this subscription?

            Based on the answers to these questions, an environment can be created for products, pricing plans and prices for each subscription. This includes a specification of the one-off costs or connection costs, but also the trial periode, VAT rates and whether the costs are prepaid or postpaid. The invoice numbers and description are documented as>

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