Introduction Klarna KP

      Introduction Klarna KP

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        Data Request Actions

        • Reserve
        • CancelReservation
        • UpdateReservation
        • ExtendReservation
        • AddShippingInfo

        Transaction request Actions

        • Pay
        • Refund


        For consumers, Klarna offers different options of payments in a single service to fit the needs of the consumer. This will, in turn, benefit you as merchant with less drop-off during the payment and an improved customer experience.
        Klarna can be offered to you international customers with local characteristics based on the legislation, consumer behaviour and the maturity of Klarna and the local market.
        Orders approved by Klarna have a guaranteed pay-out for products that are delivered under agreed terms to the consumer.
        Consumers can raise a dispute with Klarna that requires a Merchant to provide information and feedback on the open dispute. The handling of disputes is done via the Klarna portal dispute app.
        Buckaroo does facilitate the forwarding of extra information to Klarna to support the process

        The main options offered in relation to consumer properties:

        • Card
        • Direct Debit
        • Direct Bank Transfer
        • Pay in 3
        • Pay later 30 days
        • Term Loan


        The testcheckout of Buckaroo communicates with the Sandbox enviroment of Klarna.
        Allowing to run the different scenario's supported by the testing options of Klarna.



        Buckaroo offers the Klarna redirect to the hosted page, which renders the local payment options and language based on the information shared in the API request.
        In addition the hosted page can be offered in English content.
        The session created with Klarna expires in 4 hours, still pending transactions with Buckaroo will be closed as failed. The session at Klarna will be deleted.
        Sessions require the correct information of an order, consumer details, order line details and shipping address. The information allows Klarna to asses the services offered to the consumer


        When a consumer has finalized the steps on the hosted page of Klarna the redirect to your confirmation page is triggered and the reservation is confirmed as valid.
        At this stage the there is no payment obligation for the consumer. The order is created as a reservation allowing you as a merchant to deliver the products under the agreed terms.


        In the period of order confirmation and delivery of products there might be updates required that are driven by Consumer needs or the due to order handling.

        • If there is no longer the intend to fulfil the reservation, it can be cancelled. (CancelReservation)
        • If the order can only be delivered partially the remaining reservation can be cancelled. (CancelReservation)
        • If a shipping address has changed, the reservation can be shared. (UpdateReservation)
        • If there is a change in the order lines and the total amount is not increasing, it can be updated (UpdateReservation)
        • If there is a delay in delivery and want do not want the reservation to expire, it can be extended (ExtendReservation)


        Once you move to the delivery of the products, Buckaroo can be informed that the Consumer needs to be charged for the open amount.

        • If the order is shipped in parts, it allows multiple instances of reflecting the content of the specific delivery. (Pay)
        • If the order shipped in full, it reflects the full order (Pay)
        • If the details of the shipment are known, they can be shared at request to charge the consumer. (Pay)
        • If the details of the shipment are known after fulfilling the orde, they can be shared as an update (AddShippingInfo)

        Returns and Credits

        In the aftercare, returns or compensation, can be shared with Buckaroo as a refund. There is no option to compensate for higher amounts than the amount charged to the consumer. A refund is related to the specific pay.

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