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        There are two options for connecting the Buckaroo POS payment terminals with a cash register system.

        Stationary terminals can be linked via a serial/USB cable (ECR). Another option is a 'wireless/cloud connection', via an API/Service (WECR). This is available for all types of terminals that we supply.

        With a serial connection, the terminal immediately/automatically receives the 'trigger' and the customer can immediately offer their payment card to complete the transaction. With the wireless connection, a number-key must be pressed on the terminal (after the cash register has sent the transaction via the internet) to 'trigger' the terminal to 'pick up/start' the transaction.

        For both specifications, it is advisable to check with us at the start of development work whether there has been an update to the specification(s), because this is still under development.

        Wireless Electronic Cash Register
        Electronic Cash Register

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