KlarnaKP is processing. If you are looking for our collecting solution, please look at Klarna.

Klarna provides the option for customers to pay after delivery in one time. The concept includes a customer risk check before the financial risk is transferred to Klarna. By transferring the financial risk to Klarna the merchant is eliminating the order related financial risk. To start the collection process Klarna needs to be informed on dispatch.

The general flow of a Klarna payment is asd follows. After the shopping cycle the webshop redirects the consumer to the checkout. In this checkout Klarna can be chosen and the check for using Klarna will be done at confirming the order. After the check comes back with an OK, the order can be shipped, while the payment will be handled with Klarna. This cycle is called the Reserve / Authorize. When the order is ready to be shipped, the invoice will be generated and the announcement of the (partial) shipment can be send to Buckaroo. This cycle is called the Activate / Capture. Multiple captures are possible when the order will be send in multiple shipments. This creates an invoice per shipment. When (part) of the shipment is send back to the merchant, a part of the value of the return can be refunded. The payout of Klarna and the consumer collection will be corrected to meet the total value of the shopped goods.

Servicecodes and actions

The Klarna service uses the servicecode: klarnakp

The Klarna service supports the following actions and can be used with Channel "Web":

Transaction requests:

Pay, Refund. These requests are to be sent to (for tests) or (for live)

Data requests:

Reserve, CancelReservation, UpdateReservation. These requests are to be sent to (for tests) or (for live).


Buckaroo can automatically perform an immediate full capture on a requested Reservation if the Autocapture is activated in the merchant's account. This can be done by request at Buckaroo Frontoffice and will only be activated if the merchant has an approval for this with Klarna.

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