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        For each data point, a block and trust list is exists. For custom datapoints these will be automatically generated by Buckaroo and can be accessed in the List overview in the Buckaroo Plaza.

        Block lists

        Block lists can be filled with (potential) fraudulent data. When a block list is activated, Shield will check every transaction attempt on the listed data. If found, then the chosen action will be performed.

        If data is found, register a warning.

        If data is found, refuse the transaction attempt. In the case of After-The-Fact, the transaction will be refunded.

        Auto-blocklisting (Shield Premium)
        If activated for a block list, data is automatically added to the block list if found in any refused/warned transaction.

        Trust lists

        Trust lists are used to list trusted data. When activated, Shield will check every transaction on the listed data. If found, the transaction attempt is exempted from any Shield rule or list.

        Managing lists

        Adding data and deleting data

        There are two ways to add data to block lists.

        Via transaction details (Shield tab)
        The shield tab in the transaction details lists all block-able data. Click on the block button to add the data to its block list. Similarly, the data can be removed from its block list by using the unblock button.

        Via list interface

        • Path:
        • Click on a list to add an entry
        • Click on the gear icon>upload file to upload multiple entries.

        Search through lists
        Click on a list to see entries. A search bar will appear if there are more than 6 entries. By clicking on an entry, you will be redirected to the transaction overview with all results for that entry.

        Custom vs. global lists

        Custom lists are managed by the merchant and apply to the merchant account only. Global lists are managed by Buckaroo and can only be accessed by Shield Premium users. Global lists contain data, gathered from internal (cross merchant) monitoring and/or from external sources by Buckaroo.

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