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        Frequently asked questions

        Below you can find all the Frequently asked questions regarding the Buckaroo Magento 2 plugin:

        How do I make TEST payments by using the Buckaroo Magento 2 plugin?
        With the setting "Test" or "Live" set to: "Test", all transactions of the payment methods that are enabled are performed as a "test transaction".
        The test flow differs per payment method. We recommend that you only use the "Test" mode if your webshop is not yet shown to consumers and is therefore only used for testing purposes.

        Magento 2 payment method test

        How do I make LIVE payments by using the Buckaroo Magento 2 plugin?
        With the setting "Live" or "Test" set to: "Live", all transactions of the payment methods that are enabled are performed as a "live transaction".

        Magento 2 payment method live

        How do I enable and disable payment methods in the Buckaroo Magento 2 plugin?
        In the Buckaroo Payments plugin configuration (Stores → Configuration → Sales → Payment methods).
        It is possible to activate or deactivate all available payment methods by toggling the slider.

        Magento 2 payment method enable or disable

        How do change the Buckaroo payment method name in the Magento 2 checkout?
        You can change a payment method name in the Buckaroo plugin configuration.
        The field named "Frontend label" is the field that is used for the payment method name that is displayed in the checkout.
        You can change this for each Buckaroo payment method that is available in the plugin.

        What payment methods are supported in the Magento 2 plugin from Buckaroo?
        For a list of supported payment methods for our Magento 2 plugin, please visit our payment methods page.

        What third party Magento checkouts are supported by Buckaroo?
        There are several checkout extensions available for Magento 2.
        Below you will find an overview of third party checkout extensions and whether or not they are compatible with the Buckaroo Magento 2 plugin.:
        Checkout extensionMagento 2.3.xMagento 2.4.x
        Idev One Step CheckoutWorksWorks
        Danslo Clean CheckoutNot compatibleNot compatible
        Mageplaza One Step CheckoutNot tested yetNot tested yet
        Fire CheckoutNot tested yetNot tested yet
        Amasty One Step CheckoutNot tested yetNot tested yet
        (Afterpay does not work properly).

        Can I add client IP detection headers?
        The Buckaroo Magento 2 plugin has a advanced configuration setting where you can set your own "client IP detection headers". These optional HTTP headers will be taken into account for client IP detection.
        This feature could be handy if you are using a Cloudflare configuration for instance.
        Please note that a comma separated list of multiple values is allowed.

        If "X-Forwarded-For" is empty then "CF-Connecting-IP" will be checked.

        Where can I find this setting?
        Go to the "General configuration and account information" of the Buckaroo plugin.
        Here you can unfold some adddtional settings with "Advanced Configuration".
        Here you'll find the option named: "Client IP detection headers".

        Magento 2 Client IP detection header settings

        Can I add customer data to the payment request to Buckaroo?
        The Buckaroo Magento 2 plugin has a advanced configuration setting where you can enable a function to add customer data to the requests.

        See the screenshot below as a example:

        enter image description here

        Please note:
        That you also need to add the custom parameters in the Buckaroo Plaza -> Configuration -> Manage custom fields.

        Possible values that are included in the Magento 2 plugin are listed below:

        Display name:Field name:Data type:
        Customer Billing First NameCustomerBillingFirstNamestring
        Customer Billing Last NameCustomerBillingLastNamestring
        Customer Billing CompanyCustomerBillingCompanystring
        Customer Billing PhoneCustomerBillingPhonestring
        Customer Billing EmailCustomerBillingEmailstring
        Customer Billing Street NameCustomerBillingStreetNamestring
        Customer Billing House NumberCustomerBillingHouseNumberstring
        Customer Billing House Additional NumberCustomerBillingHouseAdditionalNumberstring
        Customer Billing Billing CityCustomerBillingCitystring
        Customer Billing Billing ProvinceCustomerBillingProvincestring
        Customer Billing ZipcodeCustomerBillingZipcodestring
        Customer Billing CountryCustomerBillingCountrystring
        Customer Shipping First NameCustomerShippingFirstNamestring
        Customer Shipping Last NameCustomerShippingLastNamestring
        Customer Shipping CompanyCustomerShippingCompanystring
        Customer Shipping PhoneCustomerShippingPhonestring
        Customer Shipping EmailCustomerShippingEmailstring
        Customer Shipping Street NameCustomerShippingStreetNamestring
        Customer Shipping House NumberCustomerShippingHouseNumberstring
        Customer Shipping House Additional NumberCustomerShippingHouseAdditionalNumberstring
        Customer Shipping CityCustomerShippingCitystring
        Customer Shipping ProvinceCustomerShippingProvincestring
        Customer Shipping ZipcodeCustomerShippingZipcodestring
        Customer Shipping CountryCustomerShippingCountrystring

        How do I switch to iDEAL 2.0?
        To use iDEAL 2.0 with the Buckaroo Plugin, follow these steps:

        (1.) Log in to your Magento 2 admin area.
        (2.) Navigate to the main menu and go to "Stores" -> "Configuration" -> "Sales" -> "Payment Methods".
        (3.) Find Buckaroo and click the edit button to expand the payment methods configuration pages.
        (4.) Locate iDEAL, and to enable iDEAL 2.0, set the "Show Issuer Selection" option to "No".

        In iDEAL 2.0, the consumer selects their bank on the iDEAL page itself, rather than during checkout.
        The new iDEAL focuses on the payer and their payment preferences.
        They can easily save their preferred account and delivery details through their bank in their iDEAL profile.

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