Additional modules

      Additional modules

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        Buckaroo has developed some additional modules that can be installed besides the Buckaroo Magento 2 plugin.
        On this page you'll find all additional modules that are currently available:

        Hyvä Modules:

        Experience a lightning-fast mobile checkout with our Hyvä Modules. We have developed two additional modules:

        Hyvä Checkout Module

        Buckaroo has developed a cutting-edge Hyvä Checkout module as an extension for the Buckaroo Magento 2 plugin. By integrating this module, we have seamlessly incorporated support for Hyvä Checkout, enhancing your payment experience with Buckaroo while enjoying quicker loading times, particularly on mobile devices – a remarkable 13 times faster. With Hyvä's outstanding performance, your store will witness improved conversion rates, superior performance, and reduced overall complexity.
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        Hyvä React Checkout Module

        Buckaroo introduces an advanced Hyvä React module that seamlessly integrates with the Buckaroo Magento 2 plugin to offer full support for the Hyvä React Checkout. As an open-source solution, this checkout is perfect for developer teams with React JS expertise, providing a community-supported platform. By adopting this module, you can leverage the standard Magento checkout along with any standard Magento checkout extension while enjoying all the exceptional features offered by Hyvä.
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        More Additional Modules:

        Google Analytics Module:

        Unleash the power of accurate conversion tracking with our Buckaroo Google Analytics Module. Say goodbye to the challenges of allocating conversion sources when transactions occur cross-browser or cross-device. By tracking the Google Client ID against each order, we ensure a smooth flow of data and trigger an enriched version of the tracking code on the success page, including the clientId parameter. This ensures precise attribution and invaluable insights into your ad campaigns' performance.
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        Second Chance Module:

        Maximize your revenue potential with the Second Chance Module. Effectively follow up on unpaid orders with one or two reminder emails, significantly increasing your conversion rate. Fully white-labeled, these emails can be sent from your own corporate identity and mail servers, maintaining a consistent brand experience for your customers. Moreover, the module offers the option to consider stock availability, streamlining your inventory management and optimizing sales opportunities.
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        GraphQL Module:

        Discover the power of our additional GraphQL module tailored specifically for the Buckaroo Payments Plugin. This module enhances the capabilities of our plugin, offering a more versatile and dynamic e-commerce experience for both merchants and customers alike.
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        At Buckaroo, we are committed to empowering your e-commerce journey with innovative and customizable solutions. Embrace the potential of our Magento 2 Plugin and its integrated modules to unlock new opportunities for growth and success in the digital landscape. Elevate your online store today!