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      What's New

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        We are excited to announce significant improvements to the Buckaroo Magento 2 Module.
        This new release comes packed with updates aimed at enhancing functionality, boosting usability, and streamlining maintenance.

        Here are the highlights of v2.0.0-RC1:

        • SOAP to REST Transition:
          We have moved away from SOAP requests and adopted the efficiency and simplicity of REST using the Buckaroo PHP SDK.

        • AbstractMethod Revitalization:
          The AbstractMethod has been reinvented to incorporate Adobe Commerce's payment provider gateway. The new approach adopts modern design patterns, offering more efficient payment service integration. This update includes the transformation of request builders, response validators, and response handlers.

        • Config Providers Overhaul:
          The magic __call function has been retired in favor of implementing the methods that previously relied on it directly.

        • Unit Testing:
          We've fortified the implementation of the payment provider gateway by adding robust unit tests for all new classes, enhancing reliability.

        • Front-End Improvements:
          The following aesthetic and functional enhancements have been made:
          • Auto-updating of payment method logos from our repository.
          • A modern look and feel for form fields.
          • Configurable subtext for each payment method to meet your needs.


        • Magento Coding Standards Compliance:
          We've improved our PHP code quality by aligning with rigorous standards such as PHPCS, PHPMD, PSR1, and PSR2.

        • Code Cleanup:
          Outdated code has been removed, making for a leaner, more maintainable codebase.

        • New Logging System:
          The revamped logging system enables the storage of logs directly in the database, with an automated cron job ensuring log clearance and maintaining system efficiency.

          This release represents a substantial step forward for the Buckaroo Magento 2 Module. We are eagerly awaiting your feedback and are committed to continuous improvement and evolution of our offerings.

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