Second Chance module

      Second Chance module

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        Maximize your revenue potential with the Second Chance Module. Effectively follow up on unpaid orders with one or two reminder emails, significantly increasing your conversion rate. Fully white-labeled, these emails can be sent from your own corporate identity and mail servers, maintaining a consistent brand experience for your customers. Moreover, the module offers the option to consider stock availability, streamlining your inventory management and optimizing sales opportunities.


        You can download the module from our Github repository.

        composer require buckaroo/magento2secondchance
        php bin/magento module:enable Buckaroo_Magento2SecondChance
        php bin/magento setup:upgrade
        php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy


        To utilize the plugin, you must have:

        • Magento Open Source version 2.3.x & 2.4.x
        • Buckaroo Magento 2 plugin version 1.39.0 or greater.


        In the module configuration, various settings are available to build an ideal Second Chance flow to suit everyone.

        The settings below can be adjusted manually:

        • Switching on and off 1st and 2nd email.
        • Select template for sending 1st and 2nd email.
        • Determine timing for sending 1st and 2nd email.
        • Don't send payment reminder when product is out of stock (on/off).
        • Block multiple emails (on/off).

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