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        With the Marketplaces service, Buckaroo merchants can perform split payment transactions. Once the split payment transaction is successful, Buckaroo can split the transaction into smaller amounts and allocate them to other parties, making it a suitable payment solution for online marketplaces. Since mixed basket purchases are a key feature of marketplace platforms, split payment transactions are the perfect way to get the funds directly to the involved sellers.

        • In order to use the Marketplaces service and perform split payment transactions, both the marketplace and its affiliated sellers need to have a Buckaroo account.
        • The marketplace will need 2 accounts; a marketplace account to perform the Marketplaces API communication and a funds account to receive its share of the split payment funds (it will also be used by Buckaroo to pay out the funds to the marketplace).
        • The account ID's of the sellers will be provided to the marketplace by Buckaroo's back office. They are necessary when specifying the sellers in the API calls with Buckaroo.

        Servicename: Marketplaces

        Available actions

        • Split This is a supplementary action and should be included in a transaction request.
        • Transfer This is a stand alone action and can be performed as a data request.
        • Refund This is a supplementary action and should be included in a transaction request.


        Data requests can be sent to (for live) or (for testing).
        Transaction requests can be sent to (for live) or (for testing).

        Internal Transfers

        If a transaction with supplemented Split action is successful, then the Split amounts can be transferred to the specified accounts. To do this. Buckaroo debits the Marketplace account with the specified amounts via Internal Transfer transactions (transaction type F005). Consequently the amounts will be credited to the specified target accounts. A F005 transaction starts with a pending status and (when the buyer's money has been received) will be updated to success. Both status updates can be pushed via a push response.

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