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        The use of gift cards and gift certificates as online payment method brings additional consequences. After all, the customer is now able to combine the gift card with another payment source, such as another gift card or iDEAL payment. While this provides the customer with the added bonus of extra payment options, the Payment Engine has to check at order level if full payment has been received. And because this involves multiple steps, there are many chances for things to go wrong. Partial payment, duplicate payments and uncompleted payments with an unknown status – Buckaroo’s Payment Engine has all these options covered.

        Work Flow

        A giftcard payment is initiated by sending a giftcard request to a BPE transaction gateway. The gateway processes the request and sends a response to the merchant. Additionally, a transaction push is sent to the merchant as well (Both contain the current status of the transaction).


        For your convenience a test gift card is available that never expires or becomes fully consumed. The following test gift card can be used for this (the gift card code length is 19 digits, consisting of 18 zeroes, and a single one at the end):


        Since you have to enter the pin of a gift card in the normal gift card payment flow, the entered pin is taken as being the value of this test gift card (in cents). This allows you to test partial payments and full consumption of a gift card.

        To test a partial payment, enter a gift card pin value that is less than the requested payment amount in cents. This will start the partial payment flow.

        Partial payments

        A payment done with a gift card can result in a partial payment. If the gift card does not contain enough money to fully pay for the requested amount, the gift card will be fully consumed and the customer will be asked to pay the remainder of the open amount. On gateways where the customer has been sent along, the payment engine will do this automatically. On gateways where the payment flow if handled by the merchant website, the merchant will need to do this.

        Servicecodes and actions

        Each gift card has its own service code; you can find them in this list of services.

        If you wish to use a giftcard that's not in the current selection, then you can submit it (up to 3 max) to Once we configured your card in our system, you will be able to use it by providing service code customgiftcard/customgiftcard2/customgiftcard3 (you will be notified of the right service code).

        The Giftcard service supports the following actions: Pay, Refund.

        Partial refunds

        Partial refunds are only possible in a few scenario's. First, the giftcard has to be an Intersolve giftcard. Second, Intersolve needs to configure your giftcards to be able to support partial refunds. This is not something that works by default, and need to be requested at Intersolve by the merchant.

        Secondly, there are 2 additional service parameters required: LastName & Email. These parameters can be supplied on the initial transaction or on the actual refund.

        This email will then be used by Intersolve to email the customer their card details and balance.

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