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        To perform an iDEAL payment, the consumer must also select their bank. This issuing bank selection can be done by the merchant, or in the payment gateway. If you wish to store the consumer’s issuing bank, you can include an issuer selection in the checkout process and pass it in the payment request. Otherwise, if the issuer is not included in the payment request, the gateway will show an issuer selection. When the issuer is known, the consumer is redirected to the issuing bank where they will be asked to verify their identity and confirm the payment. The status of the payment is then immediately known (unless an error occurs) and the consumer is redirected back to the merchant with the payment status.

        Issuing banks

        The issuing banks are the banks where a customer needs to have a bank account to be able to use iDEAL. The current list of supported issuing banks (and their BIC code) is:

        BankBIC codeLogo
        ASN BankASNBNL21
        Nationale NederlandenNNBANL2G
        Triodos BankTRIONL2U
        Van Lanschot KempenFVLBNL22


        Servicecodes and actions

        For iDEAL collecting , use the service code ideal. For iDEAL processing , use the service code idealprocessing
        The iDEAL service supports the following actions: Pay, Refund. They can be used with channel 'Web'.

        Recurring payments

        It is also possible to use an iDEAL transaction as a reference transaction for recurring SEPA Direct Debit transactions. To do this, add the basic parameter "StartRecurrent" with value "True" to your iDEAL API request. Once successful, you can perform a recurring SEPA direct debit transaction. Please see the SEPA Direct Debit section for an explanation of the "PayRecurrent" request.

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