Samenvatting van het artikel



        MAJOR: Grote veranderingen die extra testen/voorzichtigheid vereisten.
        MINOR: Wijzigingen die geen grote impact zouden moeten hebben.
        PATCHES: Enkel bugs en hotfixes.

        Release notes

        Onderstaand vind je een korte samenvatting van de nieuwste release notes van de Buckaroo Magento 2 plugin.
        Ga voor een volledige lijst met wijzigingen naar onze GitHub repository.


        We raden je aan om regelmatig te updaten naar een recente versie van de Buckaroo plugin. Houd er ook rekening mee dat de Magento-versie ook regelmatig dient te worden bijgewerkt.


        Dit is er nieuw in versie 1.46.0:
        • Added support for Magento 2.4.4-p5, 2.4.5-p4 & 2.4.6-p2
        • BP-2673 Add payment method: PayByBank (PaymentInitiation).
        • BP-2792 Add iDEAL In3 (V3 API).
        • BP-2878 Add iDEAL issuer N26.
        • BP-2368 Modernize various fields.
        • BP-1879 Riverty/Afterpay rejection messages improvement.
        • BP-2654 Add Apple Pay currency options for: USD, NOK, SEK, CHF, PLN.
        • BP-2766 Add Billink B2B input fields.

        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 1.46.0:
        • BP-2661 Magento 2 reward points module conflict when using Klarna KP.
        • BP-2488 Persisting invoice number for batch refunds including Klarna/Riverty.
        • BP-2337 Magento giftcard balance is zero after cancellation.
        • BP-2693 Credit Management / Paylink + Giftcards issue has been resolved.
        • BP-2188 Payment method availability gets checked on shipping address.
        • BP-2667 setup:di:compile fails on PHP 7.4 due to newer PHP syntax used.
        • BP-2767 1password prefilled fields where ignored.
        • BP-1494 Empty shopping cart giftcards + back button.
        • BP-2523 Fix: Gender selection translation for PayPerEmail.
        • BP-2478 Fix: Conflict with Amasty order attributes extension.
        • BP-2817 Fix: New Klarna KP response parameter was causing errors.
        • BP-2867 Fatal Error: with OneStepCheckout in GuestSaveManager.php is fixed.

        Andere wijzigingen die zijn aangebracht in versie 1.46.0:
        • BP-2621 Rename 'Creditcards' into 'Credit and debit card'.
        • BP-1879 Afterpay NEW rejection message was not clear with different billing/shipping addresses.
        • BP-2537 The Email field for PayPerEmail is not prefilled by default.


        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 1.45.1:
        • BP-2572 Fix Composer installation restriction for PHP version 8.2.x


        Please note:This release contains several frontend changes (logo's, input fields).
        If you use customization on our plugin, please verify if these changes do not break payments.

        Dit is er nieuw in versie 1.45.0:
        • Added support for Magento 2.4.4-p3, 2.4.5-p2 & 2.4.6
        • BP-2252 Add Spanish translation
        • BP-2455 Add nl_BE.cs translation
        • BP-2321 Use new payment method icons
        • BP-2333 Add validation for the Riverty/AfterPay B2B CoC field (NL+BE)
        • BP-2363 Add new Tinka services
        • BP-2364 Improved Credit card CSE fields
        • BP-2384 Add iDEAL issuer "YourSafe"
        • BP-2234 Add a subtext (USP) field and show this in the checkout

        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 1.45.0:
        • BP-2220 iDEAL In3-applicable-countries-not-working
        • BP-2279 PayPerEmail with creditmanagement error with missing company name
        • BP-2283 PayPerEemail including CM are not showing the middle name
        • BP-2237 Klarna capture process fix for specific merchant
        • BP-2317 Bank transfer order status changed to cancelled unnecessarily
        • BP-2316 Afterpay Dutch translation missing for "CoC-number:"
        • BP-2014 Giftcard balance is zero after cancellation
        • BP-2338 Riverty/AfterPay (Old) B2B 'Place order' button is not in a active state
        • BP-2414 Debug log active with a empty e-mail field should not send e-mails
        • BP-2290 Multiple cancel request for same order causes oversell
        • BP-2442 Specific Countries settings use default
        • BP-2377 Giftcard amount is being refunded after not finishing the checkout process
        • BP-2465 MiddleName for PayPerEmail should not have a required indication
        • BP-2464 Property declared dynamically, this is deprecated starting from PHP 8.2
        • BP-2525 Cannot place order with PayPerEmail

        Andere wijzigingen die zijn aangebracht in versie 1.45.0:
        • BP-2258 Remove "Request To Pay" payment method
        • BP-2250 Change de-DE tooltip translation (Display only for selected IPs)
        • BP-2251 Change fr-FR tooltip translation (Display only for selected IPs)
        • BP-2444 Remove SuccessOrder Observer
        • BP-2408 Cancel Magento order when group transaction is cancelled at Buckaroo


        Dit is er nieuw in versie 1.44.0:
        • Add payment method "Buckaroo Voucher" [BP-2077]
        • Add a notification when one of the payment methods is in test mode [BP-1982]

        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 1.44.0:
        • Giftcard group transaction is keeping the old values while adding extra products [BP-2158]
        • Redirect Giftcard transaction is set to processing when cancelled [BP-2129]
        • Birthdate billingcustomer is still required for AfterPay B2B [BP-2111]
        • Fix Klarna gender values [BP-1933]
        • PayPerEmail customer info fields not showing in back-end [BP-2101]
        • Afterpay customer IP doesn't follow IP header from config [BP-2062]
        • Rejection error not showed in Magento [BP-2102]
        • Klarna issue 'CustomerIBAN' [BP-2137]
        • Can not cancel order with KlarnaKP after presssing the back button from your browser [BP-2182]
        • Insufficient funds vouchers are not handled [BP-2203]
        • Fix partial payments on transfer [#629]
        • Fix afterpay js errors [#628]

        Andere wijzigingen die zijn aangebracht in versie 1.44.0:
        • Update support links [#647]
        • Update Hyvä React checkout module (release in the near future) [#639]


        BELANGRIJKE aanpassingen in versie 1.43.1:

        #600 - Orders are set to PROCESSING too soon.
        #598 - Hotfix error on abstract method.
        #594 - Hotfix - Validation Failure message is not displayed in checkout, get FailureMessage method returns null.
        BP-2014- Magento giftcard balance is zero after cancellation.

        Dit is er nieuw in versie 1.43.1:
        Added support for Magento 2.4.4-p2 & 2.4.5-p1
        #570 - Update versions change and extra notice.
        #558 - Fix Afterpay new disabled button.
        #549 - Retrieve transaction status from payment engine.
        #535 - Set billing as shipping for custom payment parameters when virtual product.
        BP-2073 - PayPerEmail order gets status processing after failed/canceled payment.
        BP-2072 - 2+ partial refunds of the same order doesn't generate credit memo for all refunds when approved at the same time - (Thank you @allanmfx!) BP-2056 - AfterPay (new) not working with 2.4.5
        BP-2034 - Unable to place order with iDEAL In3 when the phonenumber field is not required in the checkout.
        BP-2031 - Fix a typo in the translation files - (Thank you @woutk88!)
        BP-2013 - Refund issue KlarnaKP with Invoice after shipment enabled.
        BP-1970 - Unable to refund discounted order with Afterpay New.
        BP-1940 - Sofort status jumps back to pending after second push.
        BP-1933 - Change gender selection for BNPL methods.
        BP-1867 - Rebranding Afterpay to Riverty.
        BP-1484 -Refunds with pending approval are not showed in order notes.
        BP-1483 - Afterpay refund issue (bridge), TotalGrossAmount is not equal to the sum of the articles.
        BP-1471 - Remove 'Handelsbanken'.
        BP-1325 - Buckaroo fee refund in creditmemo disappears.


        Dit is er nieuw in versie 1.42.0:
        • BP-1461 Extend 'description' options with more flexibility.
        • BP-1465 Support for Afterpay B2B.
        • BP-1738 Added and updated French and German translation files.
        • BP-1765 Support older php and magento versions.
        • BP-1871 Add new logo for Tinka.
        • BP-1884 Show the Buckaroo transaction URL in the order.

        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 1.42.0:
        • BP-1481 Apple Pay transaction status jumps back to pending.
        • BP-1761 Inline giftcards transactions are not visible in Magento admin.
        • BP-1907 Payment from applicable countries setting" broken.
        • #533 Fix js error in checkout.

        Andere wijzigingen die zijn aangebracht in versie 1.42.0:
        • BP-1487 Hide "Test credentials" when module is disabled.
        • BP-1508 Update README file.
        • BP-1796 Change the anti fraud error message.
        • BP-1881 iDEAL In3 changes.
        • #508 Update composer.json php 7.4 and 8.1.


        Dit is er nieuw in versie 1.41.0:
        • BP-208 Add PayPal express button.
        • BP-1377 GraphQL - placeOrder method support for simple redirect methods.
        • BP-1378 GraphQL - placeOrder method support for inline methods.
        • BP-1383 GraphQL - Front end support for iDIN.
        • BP-1445 GraphQL - iDIN verification redirect.
        • BP-1456 Create giftcard REST API endpoint.
        • BP-1458 Support Magento 2.4.4 including PHP 8.1.

        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 1.41.0:
        • BP-1075 Using iDEAL after failing the order is not possible due to iDEAL In3 issue.
        • BP-1226 Redirect issue.
        • BP-1257 iDeal payment method selection triggers "Please select a issuer from the list" error.
        • BP-1359 Fix issue with double iDEAL pushes setting the order back to pending.
        • BP-1370 AfterPay refund _R
        • BP-1427 Klarna PPRO ShippingCustomer not sent on 1.40.
        • BP-1438 No clientip for inline giftcards.
        • BP-1442 Bancontact mobile: only QR visible no button.
        • BP-1500 Apple Pay refactor.
        • BP-1510 Fixing PHP code mess detected errors.
        • Fix error notice for brq_amount #475.
        • Fix alipay errors #502.
        • Fix giftcard error message on full payment #501.

        Andere wijzigingen die zijn aangebracht in versie 1.41.0:
        • BP-1435 Change version 'Transfer' to 1.
        • BP-1511 Improvement on github actions pipeline.
        • Updating addRecord function to match interface #490.
        • Adding missing addDebug function #492.


        Dit is er nieuw in versie 1.40.0:
        • BP-1212 Add PayLink as method when (re)creating an order.
        • BP-1189 We've added the new Sofort logo.
        • BP-1180 We've added support for older versions of MagePlaza OSC #447.

        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 1.40.0:
        • BP-1256 For KlarnaKP the invoice and shipping adress send to Klarna where always the same.
        • BP-1211 IPv6 not communicated correctly.
        • BP-1105 Refund approvals is not supported from because of a 794 status code.
        • BP-1217 Unnecessary load of all categories although iDIN verification is not enabled and not set "per Category". #451
        • BP-1223 Buckaroo was sending an empty XML tag when sending a null tax percentage #458.
        • BP-1195 Afterpay plugin issue with Marketplaces.
        • BP-1178 Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getCountryId() on null.
        • BP-1121 ClientSided AMEX not working.
        • BP-1147 Creditmanagement is not working on PayPerEmail transactions.
        • BP-1149 Timed out group transactions are not processed correctly.
        • BP-1153 Giftcard error in specific storeview.
        • BP-1150 Payconiq go back button results in a empty cart page.
        • BP-1151 Bundle product item quantity not correct in Afterpay article list.
        • BP-1114 Remove skip_push logic.
        • Fix Cannot instantiate interface Magento\Framework\Filesystem\DriverInterface.
        • Create LICENSE
        Andere wijzigingen die zijn aangebracht in versie 1.40.0:
        • BP-1216 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'countryId') #454
        • BP-1219 Update or remove items with Mageplaza_Osc #432.
        • BP-1191 Magento 2 CSE tooltip (#457).


        Dit is er nieuw in versie 1.39.0:
        • BP-1046 iDIN in MagePlaza + add support for OSC 4.0.8.
        • BP-987 ALL - New SOAP certificate.
        • BP-907 Allow grouptransactions with Klarna.
        • BP-1074 Allow PayRemainderEncrypted with CreditCards.
        • BP-1072 Billink B2B selection.
        • BP-1063 #365 API refunds to support choice in refunding payment fee.
        • BP-1088 We've updated the Billink logo to the new version.
        • BP-1085 Second Chance: Refactor
        • BP-1087 Second Chance: Move SC out (
        • We've added support for Magento 2 version 2.3.7-p2 & 2.4.3-p1.

        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 1.39.0:
        • BP-773 Failed push messages (allow 190 status pushes duplicates for new orders).
        • BP-1036 Total paid issue.
        • BP-1035 Split giftcard transaction types (admin).
        • BP-1039 Order confirmation sent for cancelled (791) Paypal orders.
        • BP-1057 Redirect to checkout payment section after 'Failure' broken (1.38) (M2.4 related).
        • BP-1071 Billink stock deducted on failed/rejected payment.
        • BP-1076 Guest user email is not filled when accessing Second Chance link and suffix is not added.
        • BP-1070 Payment from applicable customer groups.
        • BP-1049 Error in debug mail regarding second chance.
        • BP-1069 Push gets 200 response on an incorrect push.
        • BP-1040 Afterpay authorize wrong state/status w.r.t. comments workflow update phpcs.
        • BP-1051 Disable iDIN for foreign addresses.
        • BP-1082 Fix errors/warnings from PHPCS report.
        • BP-1097 Error when clicking back in checkout process.
        • BP-1096 Cancel cron job errors, tables are missing prefixes.
        • BP-1144 Bancontact orders are not working due to Expiry Date validation.
        • BP-1142 Failed orders don't redirect to payment section.
        • BP-1145 Firefox - Using browser BACK button from payment method page redirects user to Payment section with an error.
        • BP-1068 iDEAL payment method selection triggers "Please select a issuer from the list" error #350.
        • BP-1077 Cart is empty after accessing Second Chance link and order cannot be finished.
        • BP-1136 Second Chance cart is not saved if product is added after failure.
        • BP-1123 AfterPay (old) refunds will fail sometimes due to rounding issues with amounts comparison.
        • #390 PayPerEmail orders get cancelled after first cron-run.
        • Compatibility versions change.


        Dit is er nieuw in versie 1.38.1:
        • Fix second chance repository place in construct.
        • BP-1057 Magento 2 - Redirect to checkout payment section after 'Failure' broken (1.38).
        • BITS-3594 Magento 2 - Javascript error on the payment step in the checkout issue #372.

        Op zoek naar oudere releases?

        Als je oudere release-notes wilt bekijken, bezoek dan onze GitHub repository.

        Mocht je technische vragen hebben stuur dan een mail naar:

        Ons telefoonnummer en contactgegevens van overige afdelingen vind je in de Buckaroo Payment Plaza onder "Contactgegevens" linksonder in het scherm.

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