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        New Afterpay Service

        This documentation describes Buckaroo's new Afterpay service is available since Q2 2019. It is meant for merchants that have an AfterPay contract with Buckaroo (and only Buckaroo), not a contract with both Buckaroo and AfterPay. If you are uncertain which situation applies to you or your customer, please contact your (customer's) account manager at Buckaroo for enquiry.


        AfterPay provides the option for customers to pay afterwards using a digital invoice or by direct debit. The concept includes a review of the customer before overtaking the financial part of the transaction by AfterPay. This way the merchant does not hold any financial risk when offering the product to the customer. Customers in the following countries can use Afterpay by Buckaroo:

        • The Netherlands
        • Belgium
        • Germany
        • Austria
        • Finland

        A customer needs to accept Afterpay's legal terms in order to proceed with the order proces. These terms differ for each country:

        The Netherlands: Term and conditions
        Belgium: Terms and conditions
        Germany: Terms and conditions
        Austria: Terms and conditions
        Finland: Terms and conditions
        So depending on the billing country of the customer, the correct link should be included in your checkout.

        Minimum order amount

        In order to perform a successful Afterpay order, it is required to provide a minimum order amount of 5 euro. Anything below that amount will result in a rejection. This only applies in live mode; in test mode any amount is acceptable.


        It is possible to use Afterpay in combination with Buckaroo's Marketplace solution. In this case, the request requires 1 additional parameter on each article, "MarketPlaceSellerId". This is the same ID as used in the Marketplace service. Please note, that this is only applicable for the actions Pay and Refund. For more information on our Marketplace solution, please see this page.

        The Afterpay service uses the service code: afterpay

        It supports the following actions: Pay, Refund, Authorize, Capture, CancelAuthorize

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