Samenvatting van het artikel



        MAJOR: Grote veranderingen die extra testen/voorzichtigheid vereisten.
        MINOR: Wijzigingen die geen grote impact zouden moeten hebben.
        PATCHES: Enkel bugs en hotfixes.

        Release notes

        Hieronder vind je een korte samenvatting van de nieuwste release-opmerkingen van Buckaroo Shopware 6 plugins.
        Bezoek onze GitHub-repository voor een volledige lijst met wijzigingen.

        We raden je aan om regelmatig te updaten naar een recente versie van de Buckaroo plugin. Houd er ook rekening mee dat de Shopware-versie ook regelmatig moet worden bijgewerkt.


        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 2.0.3:
        • BP-2957 Cancelled group transaction is not giving a cancelled status to the order.


        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 2.0.2:
        • BP-2904 Pay the remaining group transaction amount with creditcards.
        • BP-2944 Cannot partially refund group transactions.


        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 2.0.1:
        • BP-2904 Grouptransactions can't be finalized with iDEAL or Bancontact.


        Please note: This release contains many code and design changes (logo's, input fields, code in general). If you use customization on our plugin, please verify if these changes do not break payments.

        Dit is er nieuw in versie v2.0.0:
        • Compatible from Shopware 6.5.0 up to
        • BP-1473 Important code changes.
        • BP-1474 Recommanded Changes.
        • BP-1475 Optional Changes.
        • BP-1570 Pipeline Changes.
        • BP-1860 Use the Buckaroo PHP SDK.
        • BP-2161 Refactor Apple Pay.
        • BP-2162 Refactor CheckoutHelper.
        • BP-2573 Allow invoice pushes that have missing additional parameter orderId.
        • BP-2341 Update the checkout with the newest payment method logo's.
        • BP-2326 Add PayPal Seller Protection.
        • BP-2386 Add iDEAL issuer "YourSafe".

        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 2.0.0:
        • BP-2164 Solve an issue related to cookie_samesite (use session).
        • BP-2342 Make sure phone number is 'pre-filled' when already filled in.
        • BP-2563 Solve an issue with creating refunds with Credit Cards(redirect).
        • BP-2562 User is not redirected to Payment section after rejected/failed iDEAL order.
        • BP-2613 Solve admin and payment process issue/error for specific merchant.
        • BP-2483 Live credit card transactions are not refundable.
        • BP-2658 Cannot create a partial refund with Afterpay.
        • BP-2568 Apple pay is only visible on Apple devices now.


        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 1.7.1:
        • AfterPay/Riverty + Buckaroo fee of 1.5 EUR throws 500 "str_replace(): Argument #3 ($subject) must be of type array|string, float given" when placing a order.
        • Sales Channel manager is broken. The 3 dots menu opens empty in the backend, and do also get a console error.


        Dit is er nieuw in versie v1.7.0:
        • Add support for Shopware 6 version
        • BP-2291 Remove Request to Pay method
        • BP-2322 Added validation on the 'Buckaroo Fee' input field

        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 1.7.0:
        • BP-2241 Change the Billink rejected (690) message (more consumer friendly)
        • BP-2331 Solve frontend issue on the checkout page
        • BP-2179 Fix custom products for Klarna
        • BP-2106 Fix a issue with redirect URL's
        • BP-2181 Fix uncaught PHP Exception TypeError for payment fee configuration


        Dit is er nieuw in versie 1.6.0:
        • Add support for Shopware 6 version
        • BP-2128 Dutch translation improvements
        • BP-1982 Add a notification payment methods are in test mode

        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 1.6.0:
        • BP-2114 Afterpay (old) name mapping incorrect
        • BP-2112 Fix Klarna gender values
        • BP 2106 issue with redirecting


        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 1.5.1:
        • [#82] Fix Afterpay old transaction only in test mode.


        Dit is er nieuw in versie 1.5.0:
        • Add support for Shopware 6 version
        • [#74] Update versions change and extra notice.
        • BP-2004 Add payment method AfterPay (old) -> Digiaccept.
        • BP-1869 Rebranding Afterpay to Riverty.
        • BP-1471 Remove 'Handelsbanken'.

        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 1.5.0:
        • BP-2057 Fix issue with the mailer function when installing the PostNL plugin.


        Dit is er nieuw in versie 1.4.0:
        • BP-1981 Add a option to switch on payperemail (in the backend only).
        • BP-1896 Change gender selection for BNPL payment methods.
        • BP-1466 We've added support for Afterpay B2B.
        • BP-212 We've added a PayPal Express button.

        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 1.4.0:
        • BP-1480 "Please enter a valid value" error message improvement for iDEAL.

        Andere wijzigingen die zijn aangebracht in versie 1.4.0:
        • BP-1878 Update contribution guidelines.


        Dit is er nieuw in versie 1.3.3:
        • BP-1441 - We've added a option in the plugin configuratio to set SendMail and DueDate parameters for the "Transfer" payment method.
        • BP-1675 - We've added support for multiple sales channels (multi-store).
        • BP-1766 - We've added the option to specifiy the transaction label and refund label.
        • BP-1815 - We've added support for Shopware 6 version

        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 1.3.3:
        • [#57] - Use sales channel URL instead of base url.
        • BP-1462 - Apple Pay shows a error in the checkout "errorOccurred".

        Andere wijzigingen die zijn aangebracht in versie 1.3.3:
        • BP-1435 - Change service version of Transfer payment method.
        • BP-1508 - Update README file.
        • BP-1726 - iDEAL status message is not clear for consumers.


        Dit is er nieuw in versie 1.3.2:
        • We've added support for the latest Shopware 6 versions,,
        • BP-1440 - You now have the option to show the iDEAL issuers in a drop down menu or with radio buttons by changing the iDEAL payment settings in the plugin.


        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie v1.3.1:
        • BP-1432 - We've fixed a issue with Shopware where the Buckaroo plugin sometimes crashed.
        • BP-1433 - A uncaught PHP Exception TypeError has been fixed.
        • BP-1434 - We've fixed a typeError inside _registerCheckoutSubmitButton


        Dit is er nieuw in versie 1.3.0:
        • BP-969 - The payment method PayPerEmail + Paylink is now added (restore deleted config).
        • BP-1189 - A new logo for the payment method Sofort has been added.
        • BP-1193 - A Tooltip has been added for Creditcards (Cliënt Side Encyption).

        Bug's die zijn opgelost in versie 1.3.0:
        • BP-1236 - A issue with incorrect amounts for some partial refunds has been fixed.
        • BP-1330 - The TotalPrice not changeable for refunds.
        • BP-1331 - When the "go back" button was used in the browser, this resulted in a empty cart page.
        • BP-1333 - For the payment method iDEAL In3 the request was invalid when you place a order as a company.
        • BP-1335 - Applepay disables the pay button without any message.
        • BP-1340 -Users automatically logged out after cancelling the payment.
        • BP-1341 - The last partial refund did not update the payment status to "Refunded".

        Andere wijzigingen die zijn aangebracht in versie 1.3.0:
        • BP-1172 - Fix 'composer' warning
        • BP-1332 - No validation message for payment fields in checkout
        • BP-1336 - Unkown button in order buckaroo tab
        • BP-1339 - Invalid payments from admin order

        Op zoek naar oudere releases?

        Als je oudere release-notes wilt bekijken, bezoek dan onze GitHub repository.

        Mocht je technische vragen hebben stuur dan een mail naar:

        Ons telefoonnummer en contactgegevens van overige afdelingen vind je in de Buckaroo Payment Plaza onder "Contactgegevens" linksonder in het scherm.

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