Integration (EN)

      Integration (EN)

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        Subscriptions is a service that allows you to manage debtor accounts and subscriptions in the Buckaroo Payment Engine. The general flow of a subscription is as follows: When the billing day of a subscription is reached, the Buckaroo Payment Engine will create an invoice for the subscription interval period. In addition, Buckaroo Credit Management is added to this invoice to ensure the debtor will receive a reminder with multiple options to fulfill the invoice in case the initial payment fails.

        Products, configurations and API calls.
        In order to set up your own subscription service, perform the following steps.

        1. Create a product in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza. Make sure your user role is Technical administrator. Go to and click on Create Product. You will be asked to configure a rate plan for your product. This includes price amounts, payment intervals and frequency.
        2. Create a configuration set. Go to and click on Add Configuration. You will be asked to set up a few things like a SchemeKey, due date and invoice descriptions. This is needed for activating Credit Management with your Subscription service.
        3. Create the needed API calls. In general, in order to activate a subscription for a customer, you should tell us which product (price plan), configuration (for Credit Management) and customer (Debtor) need to be included for the requested subscription. The following sections will elaborate further on the various API calls that are available.

        Custom parameters

        It is possible to provide custom parameters with a CreateSubscription request. The custom data will then be inherited with each invoice and transaction generated from the subscription.

        To update a value of a custom parameter, provide the custom parameter(s) with the new value(s) in an UpdateSubscription request (only the SubscriptionGuid is required). Each invoice and transaction from that point on will then have the new custom parameter values. The UpdateSubscription request can also be used to delete one or more custom paramaters, to do this use the RemoveCustomParameters parameter.

        Servicecodes and actions

        The Subscriptions services uses the service code: Subscriptions

        The service supports the following actions:

        • CreateSubscription
        • CreateCombinedSubscription
        • UpdateSubscription
        • UpdateCombinedSubscription
        • StopSubscription
        • SubscriptionInfo

        The CreateCombinedSubscription call can be a transaction request as well as a dat a requests (in the case of an emandate). The other calls are data requests only.

        Data requests can be sent to (for live) or (for testing).

        Transaction requests can be sent to (for live) or (for testing).

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