Reversal of payment rights

      Reversal of payment rights

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        CombinationActive reversal of payment possiblePayment reversal periodReport Unjustified Direct Debit (MOI) possibleReport Unjustified Direct Debit (MOI) periodPending period eMandate
        SEPA Direct Debit B2C (Core) without eMandateYes56 daysYes13 monthsIrrelevant
        SEPA Direct Debit B2C (Core) with eMandateYes56 daysNo-Consumer: up to 30 min. Business: up to 1 week
        SEPA Direct Debit B2B/without eMandate 1No, unless registered-No, unless registered-Irrelevant
        SEPA Direct Debit B2B with eMandate 2No-No-Business: up to 1 week

        1 The mandate has to be approved by the issuer of the authorisation and offered to the main bank. Otherwise, the B2B SEPA DD cannot be executed.

        2 With an eMandate, a B2B SEPA DD can be executed directly without having to exchange a mandate (paper copy) with the bank.

        Participating banks eMandates

        Not all banks offer their customers eMandate support. Check the overview of participating banks eMandates in the Digital Direct Debit Authorisation overview.

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