Scheme & structure

      Scheme & structure

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        Buckaroo Credit Management offers automated follow-up for invoices that haven’t been paid by the due date. For this purpose, one or multiple schemes can be drawn up. It can be decided per invoice which kind of follow-up will be used when the invoice hasn’t been unpaid by the due date. Thus, the follow-up strategy might be different for new and regular customers, and private clients and business clients. The Merchant decides what kind of message will be sent (a payment invitation or reminder) for each step of the way, and through which medium (email, text message or letter). It is also possible to charge administrative costs for payment reminders. If an invoice remains unpaid after various reminders, Buckaroo can decide to hand the invoice over to one of the affiliated debt collection agencies.

        Scheme structure

        • Log in at the Buckaroo Plaza
        • Select Configuration
        • Select Credit Management
        • Select ‘Add new Scheme’
        • On the right-hand side, select the website key to which the scheme will be attached
        • Enter a name for the scheme
        • The structure of the scheme is described on the Credit Management configuration page

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