Statuscodes invoice

      Statuscodes invoice

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        Invoices managed by Credit Management are carefully monitored. The following chart provides information about the use of refunds, credit notes and reversal of payment.


        #InvoiceTo payActually paidReversal of paymentAmount dueExplanation
        1€200,00€200,00€200,00€200,00€200,00SEPA DD payment reversed
        2€200,00€200,00€150,00€0,00€50,00Transfer insufficient
        3€200,00€200,00€200,00€0,00€0,00Invoice paid in a regular way
        4€200,00€150,00€200,00€0,00-€50,00Invoice amount was too high
        5€200,00€200,00€400,00€0,00-€200,00Double payment with successful SEPA DD and processed transfer
        6€200,00€200,00€400,00€200,00€0,00Double payment with successful SEPA DD and processed transfer and reversal of payment


        #Reminder showsCredit notaRefundReversal of payment amountPaid in a different wayBalance after actionExplanation
        1€200,00€0,00€0,00€0,00€0,00€200,00Justified reminder
        2€50,00€0,00€0,00€0,00€0,00€50,00Justified reminder
        3settled€0,00€0,00€0,00€0,00€0,00Paid invoice
        4settled€50,00€0,00€0,00€0,00€0,00Invoice amount reduced
        5settled€0,00€200,00€0,00€0,00€0,00Ask the client to not perform the reversal of payment, otherwise Credit Management will send a reminder
        6settled€0,00€0,00€200,00€200,00€0,00Client has made a reversal of payment or client is asked to make a reversal of payment

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