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        With Surepay's "IBAN Name Check" service it is possible to check whether payment is being made to the right person or company. With this check, processes can be made more efficient and secure and the risk of fraud or incorrectly entered data is reduced.

        • Helps prevent mistakes
        • Makes payment more personal and secure
        • Helps fight fraud

        What is shared?

        • Is it a valid IBAN? Yes or no.
        • Is the name valid? Is the account holder name valid? Yes or no.
        • Business or private account? The IBAN Name Check indicates whether a new customer registers with a business or private account.
        • How many account holders does the account have? Is it a joint account or is someone signing with it? The check indicates how many account holders there are for an IBAN.
        • Expired account Is the account still active or has it been closed?
        • Does the account exist? Can the account be found in the Surepay database?
        • From which country does the IBAN come? Currently only Dutch IBANs are accepted.
        • IBAN name match? Does the account holder's name match, partially or not at all.
        • IBAN name suggestion If the account holder's name partially matches the IBAN, a correct name is suggested.

        Test scenarios

        The following dummy data can be used to simulate different results:


        The technical documentation on the implementation of Surepay can be found on the following page: Surepay Integration page

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