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        Surepay is an IBAN validation service. Surepay verifies this at the relevant bank, and returns if this is a match, a partial match or a mismatch. In case of a partial match, it returns the actual name the way it is registered at the bank.

        A valid Surepay request will always return a successful request, regardless of the validity of the accountholder name. The response from Surepay is returned in the output parameters of the response.

        Servicecode and actions

        The servicecode for Surepay is 'surepay'

        The action is 'verify'


        For Surepay we have a number of test scenario's, which can be triggered by a specific IBAN/CustomerAccountName combination. This will return specific results that Surepay can return. These scenario's can be found on this page: Test transaction

        All other scenario's will trigger a successful response, with the following output parameters:

        Valid: True Found: True Name validity: VALID Account country code: NL Account status: ACTIVE Account holder type: NP Account holders number: 1 Joint account: False IBAN name matching type: MATCHING

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