Waiting days

      Waiting days

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        When an authorisation is offered without a collection date or with an overdue collection date, the Buckaroo systems will (re)calculate the date. Taking into account the (European) banking days and public holidays. The calendar opposite is part of the explanation of the system.

        Here’s an explanation of the timelines within the SEPA schedule.


        Suppose the Merchant offers an authorisation to Buckaroo. Then the following steps apply:

        • The authorisation is offered on the 13th to Buckaroo before 12 a.m.
        • The authorisation is displayed in the consumer’s banking environment for the first time on the 14th (the bank waiting day)
        • The direct debit is executed after the bank waiting day and is included in the payout. This is on the 15th and applies to all authorisations.

        Deviations due to bank holidays

        This example is meant to give you an impression. In reality, the actual date of execution might differ from the date that is determined based on Buckaroo’s calculation. This can differ due to several non-banking days. If the SEPA Direct Debit should be executed on a specific date, this should be mentioned in the transaction request to Buckaroo.

        Reconciliation of SEPA Direct Debit transactions

        When the SEPA Direct Debit collection date is stated on Monday, an exception is possible. Payment of the amount involved with the SEPA Direct Debit transactions is sometimes already reported to Buckaroo on the statement of the Friday before the collection date. In that case, the status of the SEPA Direct Debit transactions will already be set to successful on Saturday morning. This is in contrast to the other weekdays, where the status of the SEPA Direct Debit transactions is updated on the collection day itself.

        Banking days

        The overview below lists each (special) banking day and whether payment services are available on that day.

        Name of dayPayment services available?
        New Year’s Dayno
        Good Fridayno
        Easter Mondayno
        King’s Dayno
        Labour Dayno
        Liberation Dayyes
        Ascension Dayyes
        Whit Mondayyes
        Christmas Dayno
        Boxing Dayno
        New Year’s Eveyes

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