Buckaroo has been working with Exact for many years now, which involves a fully automated exchange and processing of payment messages. The statements are mostly offered to the Merchant by means of a SFTP server.

The central thread in the matching process is the order number. Below, you’ll find information about the interaction between the Merchant’s web environment, Buckaroo and the Exact environment.



The number communicated by the web environment to Buckaroo is termed an order number within the Merchant’s web environment and the Exact environment. The invoice number is generated in the Exact environment based on the data of a paid order and is thus not known within the Buckaroo environment.

Explanation MT940 Exact

Statement description Explanation
:940: The format is MT940
:20:940A151221 Reference and date
:25:103xxxx029EUR Buckaroo connection number
:28:01xx7/00 Statement number
:60F:C151221EUR000000004xx6,81 Start amount
:61:151221C0000000000x7,96C021NL18RABO03xxxxxx02R.A. DE GxxxxF IBAN and account name iDEAL
:86:Cxxxxs bestelling Description
:86:factuur/order: 61xx52 Order number
:86:xid.: D69436318xxxxxxB99270FA6F8E77761 Transactie ID
:61:151221C0000000001x3,49C090 kexxxh lxxxxns Name
:86:Cxxxxs bestelling Description
:86:factuur/order: 61xx83 Order number
:86:xid.: 18C4038775xxxxxxBEC473911C4407C7 Transactie ID
:61:151216D000000005xx9,11N404NL06INGB06xxxxxx13Bxxxxxel Wxxr vxx Xs Payout amount and counter-account
:86:Uitbetaling 16-12-2015 - Bxxxxxel Wxxr vxx Xs Payout Merchant
:86:xid.: 0CC0E199E75E47DFB8F5EFA087207864 Transaction ID
:61:151221D0000000000x5,82N901 Buckaroo Stichting Derdengelden Transaction costs
:86:Transactiekosten 21-12-2015 Description
:86:xid.: DF6823AA2xxxxxx8943CE67858D9F7B2 Tranaction ID
:62F:C151221EUR000000005xx3,22 Sub-final amount
:64:C151221EUR000000005xx3,22 Final amount

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