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        MAJOR: Breaking changes that require additional testing/caution.
        MINOR: Changes that should not have a big impact.
        PATCHES: Bug and hotfixes only.

        Release notes

        You can find a short summary of the latest Buckaroo PrestaShop plugin release notes below.
        For a full list of changes, please visit our GitHub repository.

        We recommend that you regularly update to a recent version of the Buckaroo plugin. Also keep in mind that the PrestaShop version needs to be updated as well.


        Here's what's new in version v4.1.0:
        • Compatible from: PrestaShop 1.7.x up to 8.1.2
        • BP-2985 Add payment method "Multibanco"
        • BP-3016 Add payment method "MB WAY"
        • BP-3091 Add financial warning setting for the use of BNPL methods
        • BP-3108 Visual improvements PayByBank, iDEAL, CreditCards
        • BP-2995 & BP-3055 In3 V3 API improvements
        • BP-3028 Remove BIC/IBAN fields for Giropay (not required anymore)
        • BP-3147 Add a option to not show the iDEAL issuers selection (preparation for iDEAL 2.0)
        • BP-3131 Improve/refactor some of the code
        • BP-3233 Change/Update the Revolut logo's in the PrestaShop plugin
        • BP-3264 Fix the payment method name for Klarna
        • BP-3271 Remove unsupported bank logo's for "Pay By Bank"
        • BP-3275 Change Klarna payment flow

        Bug's that have been fixed in version v4.1.0:
        • BP-3038 Tinka displays an error on frontend
        • BP-3104 Fix the option to show payment methods for specific countries
        • BP-3216 Fix CSS modal class that overides PrestaShop CSS settings
        • BP-3160 Fix Klarna transaction error "Configuration not found for Payment ID"
        • BP-3241 Fix some payment methods that could not be refunded from the PrestaShop admin area


        Bug's that have been fixed in version v4.0.1:
        • BP-3043 Issue creating products

        v4.0.0 (Major release, please read the full details)

        Please note:
        This release contains many code and design changes (logo's, input fields, code in general).
        If you use customization on our plugin, please verify if these changes do not break payments.
        To use the plugin, a completely new installation is required, so upgrading is not possible.
        After installation, the plugin must be reconfigured.

        Here's what's new in version v4.0.0:
        • BP-2060 The plugin is now compatible from PrestaShop 1.7.x up to 8.1.2
        • BP-2060 The plugin's technical code is completely refactored to follow PrestaShop's coding standards.
        • BP-2060 New plugin UI (User Interface) for a user friendly design.
        • BP-2060 We've minimized the amount of credentials that are needed to connect with your Buckaroo account (only a website key and secret key is now needed).
        • BP-2060 You can now initiate refunds from the PrestaShop admin that are directly executed in the Buckaroo Plaza.
        • BP-2060 We've added a functionality to change the order of the payment methods to be displayed in the checkout. You can even configure this for specific countries.
        • BP-2060 You can configure a payment fee for any payment method with a percentage or a fixed price.
        • BP-2060 Payment methods can be displayed within a specific minimum or maximum order amount.
        • BP-2325 We've added support for PayPal Seller Protection.
        • BP-2887 Update iDEAL issuers by adding: YourSafe, N26, Nationale Nederlanden.
        • BP-2974 Add payment method: Alipay
        • BP-2975 Add payment method: WeChat Pay
        • BP-2975 Add payment method: PayByBank
        • BP-1496 Add payment method: In3 (V3 API)
        • BP-2060 Add payment method: EPS.
        • BP-2060 Add payment method: Billink.
        • BP-2060 Add payment method: Payconiq.
        • BP-2060 Add payment method: Przelewy24.
        • BP-2060 Add payment method: PayPerEmail.
        • BP-2060 Add payment method: Tinka.
        • BP-2060 Add payment method: Trustly.
        • BP-2060 Add payment method: Apple Pay.
        • BP-2060 Add additional cards brands: Maestra, VISA Elektron, Carte Bancaire, Nexi, Dankort.

        Bug's that have been fixed in version v4.0.0:
        • BP-1319 Empty cart at browser go back, klarna/paypal back.
        • BP-2419 Fix SEPA payments.
        • BP-2420 Fix failures with redirecting.
        • BP-2476 Fix Riverty/AfterPay payment method.
        • BP-2615 Fix Keep Cart Alive issues.
        • BP-2577 Fix the Configuration page save option.
        • BP-2741 Fix refund issue that directs you to a 500 Internal Server Error page.
        • BP-2746 Fix partial refund issues.

        More changes that have been made in v4.0.0:
        • BP-2965 Use .SVG logo's instead of .PNG logo's for a better resolution.
        • BP-2680 Rename 'Creditcards' into 'Credit and debit card'
        • BP-2967 Show the correct software/platform version in the software header of the requests send to Buckaroo.


        Here's what's new in version v3.4.0:
        • BP-1189 We've changed the Sofort logo to the new Sofort logo.
        • BP-987 We've changed the SOAP certificate.

        Bug's that have been fixed in version v3.4.0:
        • We've fixed a SQL Error regarding "no refund transaction available".
        • BP-1328 Wrong refund value if modified a previous refund value.
        • BP-1327 No validation message for payment fields in the checkout.
        • BP-1321 Various UI issues have been fixed (move description under input, added required to the label, added for attribute to label).
        • BP-1320 Cookie SameSite switch.
        • BP-1322 Fixed refund message.
        • BP-1354 issues after installation.
        • BP-1318 Warning and notices displayed when installing, doing payments.
        • BP-1232 Prestashop - session issue with
        • BP-1233 Prestashop - second request for partial refunds flow is failed.
        • BP-1138 PrestaShop - Fix errors/warnings from report.
        • BP-1081 Payment fee not included in payment.
        • BP-1092 Klarna phone parameter problem.
        • BP-1066 Order status is not changed automatically.

        More changes that have been made in v3.4.0:
        • Pack proper archive on release.
        • Remove double Language setting.


        Here's what's new in version v3.3.10:
        • BP-1433 We've added the NL translation for IDIN (currently it was only showed in English).

        More changes that have been made in version v3.3.10:
        • BP-1033 PrestaShop - Klarna not working at specific merchant.
        • Fix icon path.
        • Change icons size to 32x24.


        Here's what's new in version v3.3.9
        • BP-820 We've added the payment method Belfius.
        • BP-804 We've added the verification method iDIN (age verification).
        • BP-970 A new creditcard brand is added "Postepay".

        Bug's that have been fixed in version v3.3.9
        • BP-919 Fix error notices in module settings.
        • BP-908 "Buckaroo payments & refunds" tab has been disapp…
        • BP-909 iDIN forgets about already passed identification.
        • BP-920 Partial refund is impossible.
        • BP-919 Fix error notices in module settings.
        • BP-965 Refunds from Plaza are not visible in Prestashop.
        • BP-941 PayPal (V2) cancellation returns to the homepage.
        • BP-948 Payment methods not working / visible.

        Looking for older release notes?

        If you want to look into some older release notes, then please visit our PrestaShop GitHub repository.

        Please contact Buckaroo support if you have any technical questions.  

        Our telephone number and contact details of other departments can be found in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza under "Contact details" at the bottom left of the screen.

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