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        Buckaroo has developed a software development kit for an easy API integration. It can be installed through Nuget and the source code can be downloaded at GitHub.


        The BuckarooSDK can be included in your project in different ways, depending on the way you use it.

        The easiest way to include the SDK in your Solution is to get it as a nuget package from the store for free. This way it is easy to update the SDK as soon as new version comes available.

        If you have the need to download the source code of the SDK, because you want to add/alter something in one of the features, you can also download the source code from GitHub. Beware of the modifications you make to the SDK. Every feature and payment method that are added to the SDK by Buckaroo are tested in a similar fashion. Making modifications can be useful but should be made with caution, as Buckaroo is not responsible for the behaviour from that point.

        If requirements of any kind are desirable and not yet present, we recommend that you send us a request for this feature. It may take a bit before we release a new version, but we can ensure you that it will work as expected.

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