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        A Buckaroo account is required to do test or live transactions with the Buckaroo plugin for PrestaShop.
        Below you can find the configuration steps for the plugin:


        Please follow the steps below to connect the Buckaroo plugin for PrestaShop to your Buckaroo account.

        1. Sign in to your → PrestaShop backend.
        2. Then go to → ModulesModule Manager and look for the Buckaroo Plugin in the payment section. Or the plugin can be visible in the left main menu of PrestaShop already.
        3. Click on the Configuration button to go to the settings page of the Buckaroo plugin.
        4. Please select the mode in the Plugin, whether you are testing or ready to receive live payments.
        5. Fill in your Website key that you can retrieve from the Buckaroo Plaza at → SettingsWebsite key.
        6. Fill in your Secret key that you can retrieve from the Buckaroo Plaza at → SettingsSecret key.
        7. Click on the "Test Connection" button in the plugin to verify your credentials.
          When the credentials are succesfully verified your Buckaroo account is connected correctly.

        Payment methods

        Within the Buckaroo plugin you have a separate page for the "Payment methods" settings.
        From the overview of this page you can easily set payment methods into Live mode, Test mode or turn the payment method Off. Below each payment method you can click on configure.
        This will open up a separate page with all the settings for that specific payment method. Some standard settings examples are:

        Front label - This will specify the payment method name that is showed in the checkout
        Payment fee - You can configure a payment method fee if that is allowed in your country (check the local regulations).
        Order amount allowed - You can configure this payment method for specific order amounts with a max and minimum amount.
        Countries - The payment method can be enabled for specific countries to your liking.

        See the image below for a example:

        Verification methods

        In the verification methods overview you'll find iDIN which is a identification method in The Netherlands.
        With iDIN you can request a consumer to verify their age to see if they are 18+ for age limited products in your webshop.
        The configuration options for iDIN are limited, but you can select whether you want to use iDIN globally for all products in your store or for specific products.
        When you want to use iDIN for specific products, then please be aware that you also need to tick the iDIN boxes on the product configuration page in the PrestaShop catalog.


        Order payment methods

        Inside the plugin, you'll find an "Order Payment Methods" feature within the menu. This functionality allows you to adjust the sequence in which payment methods appear during the checkout process. Whether for all countries or specific ones, you can effortlessly rearrange the display order by dragging and dropping the payment methods as needed.


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