The Buckaroo Payments App for Lightspeed enables a ready-to-sell payment gateway.
You can choose from popular online payment methods in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and globally.


• A Buckaroo account - Click here to get started
• A Lightspeed account



  1. Login to your Lightspeed backend. If you have multiple stores in one Lightspeed account, then make sure that you've selected the correct store in the upper left selection in your Lightspeed backend.

  2. Then in your → Lightspeed backend go to → Apps → and search for Buckaroo in the Lightspeed app store.
    The search bar is located on the top right.

  3. Then click on the Buckaroo Payments App from the search results and install it.

  4. During the installation a new window will popup where you'll need to grant the access for the Buckaroo app.
    This so the communication between Buckaroo and Lightspeed can be made so that we can process the payments for you.

  5. After granting the access, you'll be redirected to where you'll have to register your account.
    You're able to make changes for the Buckaroo app for that specific shop with this account.
    We advice to use a general e-mail address for the registration and not a personal e-mail address.
    For example use "" instead of "".


The Buckaroo App is available in the Lightspeed App store.
Lightspeed App store


If you need more help regarding the configuration of the app, then please check out our configuration page where you can find a step by step guide.

Please contact Buckaroo support if you have any technical questions.  

Our telephone number and contact details of other departments can be found in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza under "Contact details" at the bottom left of the screen.

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