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        This page showcases the released versions of our Shopware 5 plugin. Clicking the "Details" button reveals a list of changes accompanying each version. Additionally, we offer a brief insight into our versioning approach for clarity.



        MAJOR: Breaking changes that require additional testing/caution.
        MINOR: Changes that should not have a big impact.
        PATCHES: Bug and hotfixes only.

        Release notes

        You can find a short summary of latest Buckaroo Shopware 5 plugin release notes below.
        For a full list of changes, please visit our GitHub repository.

        We recommend that you regularly update to a recent version of the Buckaroo plugin. Also keep in mind that the Shopware version needs to be updated as well.


        Here's what's new in version v1.15.0:
        • BP-1088 - Support for 5.7.13 + 5.6.10
        • BP-1491 Support for Klarna KP.

        Bug's that have been fixed in version 1.15.0:
        • BP-1457 - Fixed a bug specific for version 5.7.8.


        Here's what's new in version v1.14.0:
        • BP-1088 - Billink is now having a new logo.
        • BP-1129 - We now support PHP 8.
        • BP-1189 - Sofort is now having a new logo.

        Bug's that have been fixed in version 1.14.0:
        • BP-1128 - Afterpay's capture popup was empty in the admin area.
        • BP-1132 - Refund pushes caused a http 500 error.
        • BP-1130 - There was no way to capture aurhorized orders for Billink.
        • BP-1131 - CreditCards - encypt mode did not work.
        • BP-1313 - We've fixed a issue with the saving of the creditcard information.
        • BP-1316 - Klarna order cancellation resulted in a empty cart page.
        • BP-1312 - Cannot save selected payment method, when other methods have invalid fields.
        • BP-1315 - Payconiq empty checkout after cancel modal.

        More changes that have been made in v1.14.0:
        • BP-1192 - We've added a tooltop for the creditcard payment method with CSE.
        • BP-1130 - We've removed the mode selection for Billink (B2B/B2C).
        • BP-1343 - No validation message on failed payment.
        • BP-1344 - Klarna invoice select has a duplicate option.


        Here's what's new in version v1.13.0:
        • BP-752 - We've added support for version 5.7.0
        • BP-996 We've added terms & conditions for Billink.
        • We've fixed the Postepay icon.

        Bug's that have been fixed in version 1.13.0:
        • BP-752 Fix restoreSession.
        • BP-752 Fix orderSave exeption.
        • BP-752 Fix TransactionManager exception.


        Here's what's new in version v1.12.6:
        • BP-970 We've added the CreditCard brand PostePay

        Bug's that have been fixed in version 1.12.6:
        • BP-771 Apple pay did not work.
        • BP-922 Billink test orders did not arrive in the Buckaroo transaction.
        • BP-941 All plugins - PayPal (V2) cancellation returns to the homepage.
        • BP-950 Make it possible for Billink to enable.
        • BP-959 Billink House Number with suffix is showing.

        Looking for older release notes?

        If you want to look into some older release notes, then please visit our GitHub repository.

        Please contact Buckaroo support if you have any technical questions.  

        Our telephone number and contact details of other departments can be found in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza under "Contact details" at the bottom left of the screen.

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