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        The merchant starts by sending the request for a transfer to a BPE transaction gateway. The gateway processes the request and sends a response to the merchant. Additionally, a transaction push is sent to the merchant as well (Both contain the current status of the transaction). On gateways that have the customer visiting them, the transfer details are also shown to the customer. Optionally, the BPE can also send an email to the customer, containing the details for the money transfer. Once the customer transfers the money to the Buckaroo bank account, the Buckaroo Payment Engine detects this and updates the transactions status (or creates a new transaction in case the amount is incorrect). This new status is then pushed to the merchant website, together with the bank details from the customer, if they are available.

        Servicecodes and actions

        The Transfer service uses the servicecode: transfer

        The Transfer service supports the following actions: Pay, Refund

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