Reconciliation iDEAL

Reconciliation iDEAL

In case of an iDEAL Collecting link, Buckaroo will take care of the reconciliation on behalf of the Merchant. In case of an iDEAL Processing link at Buckaroo, it is the Merchant who is responsible for the reconciliation. Buckaroo always checks the status of the iDEAL transaction. In case of Processing, the message that the transaction has been successful will not be sufficient for the finance manager of a company. The finance manager will demand a 100% reconciliation of the incoming money with regard to the generated transactions/invoices.

Solution for reconciliation processing of iDEAL transactions

In order to let the Merchant reach an unequivocal reconciliation, Buckaroo has built a solution in the feedback. While giving feedback to the Merchant, Buckaroo adds a unique ID: the iDEAL transaction reference (iDEAL TRX ID). This way, each initiated iDEAL transaction can be uniquely identified. This reference can be found on the statement in the transaction reference line. The illustration below shows the data flows. In the adjacent image, you can see where the data highlighted in colour are placed on the Merchant’s statement and the customer’s statement. The reconciliation of the iDEAL payments is based on the iDEAL transaction reference. Feedback is given by Buckaroo in the redirect as well as the push, so it doesn’t have to be filtered from the description.



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