PayperEmail is a Buckaroo payment product. You can send your customers a payment request by email. You decide which text and format to choose. We offer templates and a payment button or payment link that leads to a secure payment environment offering a selection of payment methods.

This functionality is available in most plugins and via our API. You can also choose to create them in batch via file upload or the batch API.

  • Easy digitilisation of your billing process
  • Bills are paid faster because it’s easier to pay
  • Set up completely in your own branding
  • Templates can be set up in several languages
  • Clear overview of paid and unpaid bills
  • You decide which payment methods are offered

PayPerEmail via Buckaroo Plaza

  1. Go to Transactions > Overview
  2. Click on the "Actions" button on the top right corner
  3. Fill in all the fields that are required
  4. Send PayPerEmail


Fieldname Required Example Description
Amount * Yes 10.00 Fill in the desired amount.
Description No Example description Description of the transaction. This is recommended.
Invoice number Yes 1234 Invoice number of the transaction
Website Yes xxxxxxx Fill in websitekey
Culture Yes NL Nederlands / Dutch
Currency Yes EUR Select currency, only active currencies in your account are available.
Merchant sends e-mail No No Yes or No. This determines if Buckaroo sends the PayPerEmail or if only the paylink is generated and the merchant sends the paylink themselves.
Gender Yes Unknown Male/Female/Unknown/Not applicable
Expiration date No 01-01-2025 Expiration date of the PayLink, by default it is one year.
Payment methods allowed No ideal,mastercard Select payment methods that you want to show on the checkout. If no payment method is selected all the payment methods that are available in your account will be shown.


You can configure the PayPerEmail under Configuration > Templates

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