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        With Buckaroo, payment transactions in the catalog are made easy, because participants immediately receive an access code after payment with which they can follow the course. Buckaroo is known for the secure processing of online payments, which can contribute to the confidence of your customers that both their payment details and their personal data are handled discreetly.

        Of course you need an account with Buckaroo, you can easily request this here."

        aNewSpring needs a number of details for the connection with Buckaroo. You can do this this form and then email it to


        1. Merchant key. In the Buckaroo Plaza go to My Buckaroo > Websites on the general tab > Key.

        2. Secret key. Go to Configuration > Security > Secret Key Create a key and fill it in.

        3. Active payment methods (for example iDeal, creditcard)

        4. Configure push settings:
          You can find these settings under My Buckaroo > Websites under the Push settings tab.
          These settings are important:

        • Turn on push response
        • Push URI Success:
        • Push URI Failure

        Replace with the link to your own learning environment.

        • Use HTTP-method: POST
        • BPE 3.0 return-fields: small letters
        1. Testing the connection, see explanation on the next page: Connecting and testing Buckaroo.

        Support channels

        For technical support and questions regarding the app, contact aNewSpring via

        Of via de supportpagina: aNewSpring Support


        Buckaroo's customer service cannot provide support for the aNewSpring integration because it is not managed in-house.



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