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        It is possible to add an unlimited number of websites to one single Buckaroo account. This allows you to manage multiple online stores from one single account. This way it is also possible to monitor special promotions. Each website has its own unique website key generated by Buckaroo while starting your account. A website key is provided with each transaction, so you can always monitor to which specific website a certain transaction is linked.


        Each website/URL generated in the Buckaroo account has its own unique website key. This key, consisting of 10 characters (letters/numbers), links a transaction to the appropriate (online) shop.

        More information about the keys: Connection with Buckaroo


        If you’re launching a donation campaign and want to monitor how much was donated in a specific municipality, then you can create a unique URL (for example By carrying out all transactions via this URL and therefore unique website key, you can monitor accurately how much money the campaign has collected. Of course this applies to other purposes as well.


        Go to Settings > Websites in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza (BPP). On the right-hand side, you can switch between possible different websites and thus settings. It is not possible to create a new website/URL yourself. Please contact us by mail via or use the contact for in the Buckaroo Plaza.

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