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        The credit voucher or a voucher can be issued to promote your company or as a compensation. Unlike a discount code, a credit voucher is a self-determined amount that can be 'given away'. A credit voucher can help with customer loyalty. For example, you can send a credit voucher worth € 5 by e-mail in the month in which the customer has a birthday or after subscribing to the newsletter. This type of voucher is also often used in campaigns to generate extra traffic and turnover. In addition, in the current economic climate it can be a dire necessity to offer your customers credit vouchers under certain conditions. With this you can at least offer a certain degree of 'deferred' service.

        Each voucher has a value in euros and is unique. Buckaroo enables a simple implementation where Buckaroo performs all checks when the credit voucher is spent, such as determining the available balance and the validity of the voucher. The generation and management of the vouchers can be set up manually within our Buckaroo Plaza as well as automated via a link to your own system.

        • Increasing customer loyalty
        • Issuing a voucher if you are unable to deliver (on time) provides more financial security than refunding money
        • You determine the conditions of your credit vouchers yourself
        • Stimulating additional purchases

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