Smart Checkout styling

      Smart Checkout styling

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        How to activate the Smart Checkout

        • Log in to the Plaza
        • Go to Settings > Websites
        • Select the website key that needs to be verified
        • Check whether the option Use payment page says Yes
        • Go to Settings and then to Payment Page Display Configuration
        • Go to Actions and add a Merchant default or a specific checkout for a website key
        • Configure the checkout page as mentioned below

        Customize your checkout page

        The Buckaroo checkout can be customized to the style of your own web environment by means of various settings. These adjustments can be implemented per website key as well as for the entire account. Per default, the Buckaroo logo is visible and only neutral colours are used. This so-called hosted payment page (HPP) is used for payment methods and the e-Mandate. The bank can be selected on this page. In the styling environment, you can upload associated logos for the checkout and adjust the background. By using the buttons in the purple frame, it is also possible to switch between the checkout’s display on a mobile, tablet or desktop.

        The following options are available for the checkout:

        1. A landscape logo for the checkout, preferably transparent (png)
        2. A background image with a size of 1920*1080
        3. Font color (Light or Dark)
        4. Primary color behind the logo (hexadecimal display of the color)
        5. Background color (hexadecimal display of the color)
        6. Press Save for the changes to take effect
        Note for HTML gateway users:

        For safety reasons, the checkout does not work for users of our HTML gateway. Buckaroo therefore recommends you to switch to our JSON gateway.

        Supported languages

        The Smart Checkout supports a variety of languages:

        • Dutch
        • Danish
        • German
        • English
        • French
        • Italian
        • Spanish

        The language will affect the More info tab, button text, field names, message prompts and descriptive payment method names such as Transfer. Which language is displayed is determined by the availability and compatibility of the following factors, in descending order of priority:

        1. The Culture header provided by the merchant in the API request.
        2. The browser language of the customer.
        3. If neither are available or compatible, English will be shown by default.

        Example of customized Smart Checkout:


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