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        With iDIN, the Dutch banks have developed a service with which the debtors of the merchant can initiate an action in three ways:

        • identify
        • login
        • confirm age

        These actions are performed with the secure and trusted login means, such as the bank app of their own bank.

        What is shared?

        • When identifying, the contact details of the customer that are known to the bank are shared. This is also known as the derived identifier. The banks have been forced by De Nederlandse Bank to have the most up-to-date information available and are therefore a trusted address for this information.

        • When logging in, a code is shared with the bank, which is compared with the code generated by the bank. When these are equal, access to customer-sensitive data is unlocked.

        • With an age confirmation, the customer is asked if the customer is 18+ years old. Based on the bank details, a Yes or No will be returned. This allows the merchant to unlock or block age-related services.

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