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        The Buckaroo PrestaShop Payment plugin is compatible from version 1.7.x up to 8.1.2. Before you can use Buckaroo's payment services, you must have a Buckaroo account.

        For a list of available payments methods for our PrestaShop plugin, please refer to our payment methods page.

        Why should you use our plugin?

        • It's absoultely free.
        • Implementation is a breeze.
        • We provide free technical support, ensuring you're always covered.
        • Choose between a wide range of payment methods.
        • Verification methods like iDIN are available.
        • Refunds can be created directly from the PrestaShop backend.


        Please contact Buckaroo support if you have any technical questions.  

        Our telephone number and contact details of other departments can be found in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza under "Contact details" at the bottom left of the screen.

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