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        The Buckaroo Payment Gateway App for BigCommerce enables a ready-to-sell payment gateway.
        You can choose from popular online payment methods in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and globally.


        • A Buckaroo account - Click here to get started
        • A BigCommerce webshop



        1. Login to your BigCommerce dashboard.

        2. Then in your → BigCommerce dashboard go to → AppsMarketplace →and search for Buckaroo in the Marketplace. Or click here to go directly to the Buckaroo app download page.


        1. Then click on the Buckaroo Payment Gateway app from the search results and then click on the button → GET THIS APP to install it.

        2. You'll then be redirected to a new BigCommerce page, where you'll have 2 options.
          Either to install it on a existing BigCommerce store or a new store.

        3. Once you've managed to install the app, the app can be found in the BigCommerce dashboard at → AppsMy AppsBuckaroo Payment Gateway.

        4. You now still have to configure the app so it will be connected to your Buckaroo account.
          Please therefore follow the steps on our configuration page.

        Please contact Buckaroo support if you have any technical questions.  

        Our telephone number and contact details of other departments can be found in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza under "Contact details" at the bottom left of the screen.

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