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      Frequently asked questions

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        Where can I find the access code to contact Buckaroo's Merchant support?

        You can find the Access code in the Buckaroo Plaza at the "Contact details" button in the left corner below


        How can I connect my website to the Buckaroo account?

        To connect your website, you need the correct keys. You can find further information at the following page: connection with Buckaroo The following page can be helpfull for the first steps: Beginners guide


        Can I already register my Buckaroo account?

        You can register on the following page:

        On this page, you can create a Buckaroo account within a couple of minutes.

        What is a KYC-check?

        KYC stands for Know Your Customer. This is how we call the process of collecting relevant information about an existing or new customer and then checking for potential risks. This is in the context of money laundering or the financing of terrorist activities or the sale of risky products. Buckaroo is obliged to perform this KYC check in order to comply with existing legislation and regulations (Wwft).(

        What information do I need to provide to complete the KYC? For onboarding we need a copy of the identification of all UBOs. This can be, for example, a passport, identity card (front and back) or driving license (front and back). In addition, we must receive a copy of a bank statement and/or bank card that is not older than 3 months.

        What if my KYC is not approved?

        Every new onboarding undergoes an automated quick scan in which Buckaroo scans the Chamber of Commerce registration. It is possible that a company passes the quick scan and can immediately process live transactions. If it turns out, during the manual customer due diligence, that the company does not meet the KYC requirements, the cooperation will be terminated immediately. Payments are immediately refunded to the consumer and do not end up with the company. Please be aware of this risk if your account has not yet completed the KYC process.

        Buckaroo Plaza

        What is the Buckaroo Plaza?

        The Buckaroo Plaza is an online environment in which our merchants can arrange the following matters, among other things:

        • View transaction and invoice information

        • Financial actions such as creating payment requests, performing refunds and granting approvals

        • Configure technical settings on the Buckaroo side for the linked webshop

        Click on the following link to go to the Buckaroo Plaza: Buckaroo Plaza

        How can I request a new password for the Buckaroo Plaza?

        Click on "forgot password" in the login screen from the Buckaroo Plaza. You will be send to the following page:

        Why is my refund 'on hold'?

        If there is not enough balance available then the refund will be saved for re-execution

        Re-execution is possible from the tab Transactions > Rejected refunds and payment orders


        How can I link my website to Buckaroo?
        By means of the following data: Website key, secret key and possibly a certificate. More information about this can be found on our documentation page Connection with Buckaroo.

        Which webshop plugins does Buckaroo support?

        You can find our plugins on the following page: Plugins

        How do I configure my plugin?

        You can use the following manuals in combination with the data from the Buckaroo Plaza to make a connection between the plugin and Buckaroo: Plugins

        Payment methods

        Which payment methods are being used in which countries?

        Please refer to the following overview to see which payment methods are available for each country: Overview per country

        Which currencies are supported by Buckaroo?
        • Euro (EUR)
        • British Pounds (GBP)
        • Polish Zloty (PLN)
        • Danish Kroner (DKK)
        • Norwegian Kroner (NOK)
        • Swedish Krona (SEK)
        • Swiss Francs (CHF)
        • US Dollars (USD)


        Where can I find the technical documentation about the API connection with Buckaroo?

        Technical information about the payment request and the associated feedback can be found per product in the menu under the section 'Payment methods'. The API documentation can be found under section 'API docs'.

        Can you send invoices or transaction requests in bulk?

        Yes, you can do this through File upload or through batch API.


        Where can I find the overview from the costs that Buckaroo is charging me?

        Buckaroo specifies all costs on the monthly invoice that is sent to the merchant by e-mail.

        You can also view and download this invoice in the Buckaroo Plaza under 'Financial > Buckaroo invoices'.

        How can I change the e-mail address where I receive my invoices?

        You can notify us on this by sending an e-mail via

        Which file formats of account statements does Buckaroo support?

        MT940, CAMT053, CSV.

        My refunds are stuck on the status Pending, what do I need to do?

        When refunds receive the status "on-hold" because the account balance is too low for example, the refused refunds need to be approved manually. You can do this via 'Transactions > Rejected refunds and payment orders > Select all refunds > Actions > Resettle selection'.

        Remark: When a refund is succesfully processed, the refund can not be cancelled or reversed afterwards.

        How can I ensure that there is always an available balance to perform refunds?

        To ensure that there is always a balance available to perform refunds, we advise you to set a “payout threshold”. The amount up to this threshold will not be paid out and will remain in the Buckaroo account for refunds. The threshold amount is always in whole euros and preferably in multiples of one thousand euros. The questions and requests regarding setting or raising a threshold may be sent to Please include URGENT – Set Minimum balance after payout in the subject line of the e-mail.

        Please note that Buckaroo may require one or a few business day(s) of processing time to set the threshold.

        There is not enough balance, how do I raise my balance to perform extra refunds?

        To top up the balance, go to 'Financial > Accounts and statements > Actions > Top up balance' in the Buckaroo Plaza. Enter the desired amount and then click on 'top up balance'. You can then choose from the following payment methods: iDEAL, Bancontact and Transfer.

        Note: If you choose to top up the balance by means of a transfer, a processing time of 2 to 3 working days applies. Transfer the money to the IBAN number stated by us and also state our description.

        When will the money in the Buckaroo account be paid out?

        Buckaroo pays all funds from transactions that have already been received by us at the same time on the set payout day in one collective payout.
        By default this is once a week on Wednesday, but this setting can be adjusted under 'My Buckaroo > Accounts'.

        When a specific transaction is included in such a collective payout depends on a number of factors, such as which payment method was used and whether this took place over a weekend. In general, Buckaroo pays out as soon as we have received the funds from a transaction and the payout frequency in the account is met.


        How do I process a refund?

        You can process a refund via the Buckaroo Plaza, by uploading a batch file or via the back-end/API of your website. More information about refunds / refunds can be found here: Refunds.

        Can I charge a surcharge on the payment methods I offer?

        Companies are no longer allowed to charge surcharges for transactions by debit card, credit card (Visa and Mastercard), bank transfer and direct debit. This rule has been in effect since the introduction of PSD2 (February 2019).

        This is allowed for other payment methods such as PayPal, iDeal and Klarna. But since June 2014, it cannot be more than the actual cost. For example, if a company itself pays €0.29 for a payment, no higher amount may be passed on to the customers. The costs vary per payment method. It remains unclear to customers what these 'actual costs' are.

        It is also not allowed to set a payment fee for Riverty (AfterPay).

        How will I be notified of upcoming statusses of a transaction?

        A push can be sent for each transaction containing the details of the specific transaction.
        It is also possible to receive an email confirming that a successful transaction has taken place. This can be set in the Buckaroo Plaza under 'My Buckaroo > Websites > 3.0 settings > Send an e-mail notification when a transaction completes'.

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